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    The Matrix vs Ghostbusters

    that's probably the most messed up thing i've ever read. those movies defined my childhood. the mental image of a bunch of cynical teenage dubstep fans drunkenly cackling at the purest distillation of the magic of cinéma in history is simply disturbing. corpse must have been under the corrupting...
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    Tom Waits vs. David Bowie

    bowie has never gotten any praise from critics.
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    Tom Waits vs. David Bowie

    wtf are you talking about??
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    Tom Waits vs. David Bowie

    "I think what I do is write adventure songs and halloween music." this, for example, is corny, sure... but in a good way. it's funny and atmospheric. it's what musicals should be like: instead of this:
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    Tom Waits vs. David Bowie

    waits is easily better. whereas bowie has absolutely nothing going for himself artistically, waits at the very least is entertainingly vivid. his music reminds me of this cartoon i watched as a kid called the marvelous misadventures of flapjack. its world was very similar to the one waits...
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    Latin Freestyle

    posting latin rascals edits of this stuff feels like cheating but w/e. you have this awesome synth(?) effect that sounds like a fireball being hurled around, and that's not even the best part! why couldn't all pop music sound like this
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    sometimes it looks like a profile view of a giant figure in billowing robes. a water god keeping watch over the city.
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    Norm Macdonald

    someone said they wished all the people at the met gala had died instead and i agree tbh
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    same. that made me appreciate with new ears how his stuff's constantly undulating along all these strange axes.
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    Serelor Serelor 3 days ago (edited) What programs and plugins would you recommend for music production? Really unique stuff, I'm absolutely here for it. The composition, the samples, the mixing/mastering, all very nice work. I don't even know how to describe this, it's just very experimental and...
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    Squeeze - Up the Junction

    anyways i haven't heard this song. well i opened it on youtube, listened to the first 15 seconds and then got distracted
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    Squeeze - Up the Junction

    your probabilistic model is flawed, i'm afraid
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    the kantbot nexus

    dasha is right in this case
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    Stuff Version Might Like

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    Neon Screams!

    yeah i really liked that point, that vocal psychedelia has the potential to enhance individuality. rather than simply bringing their own unique voice to a track, each vocalist can bring their own set of production tricks as well. on the book’s terms, you could say that each vocalist can become a...