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    new dean blunt

    Big fan of Roy but he's such an art school roadman. Maybe I hate that he's muscling in on my territory as the hardest lad at the jazz party but he pushes the line bare. ANyway here's a new one of his I rated Loved that Zushi clearly has bare famous...
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    The Muslamic Infidel/The Islamic Aesthetic

    Oryt u old fuckers. Been away for a bit actually making some music but I'm back to jump on this discussion cos mans thought about this a lot. A lot of mimicking call to prayer melody lines in this stuff, that lil fall at the end of each line. Used to hear some...
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    The Geezer Obvs this is geez af right? oi oi edit: 2:02 he even calls it imsen, confirmed
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    Moscow Lightwork.

    Make this thread fam. I've thought about this bare. Like what does it mean that so many guys came out with totally unmemorable names. The totally faceless ballied up crew and the impenetrable slang that makes "all drill sound the same" but as someone earlier said is really just trying to stay...
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    corpse's deconstructed rap thread I think these two explain Gucci's influence pretty well. The first one is a very tight East Coast style beat but as someone said earlier about Southern rappers; it's not that he's off beat the beat is off Gucci. Drawling and bending...
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    corpse's deconstructed rap thread I deffo point to this Irish donny showing some deconstructed flows. It's funny but I don't think this guy is really trying to do comedy The Eminem comment above is a violation but yes very true :mad::crylarf: I guess whats interesting to me was auto tune mumble...
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    ^^^ I would support grime as the last 'futuristic' genre. because there hasn't really been anything startlingly, frighteningly new since. But is physicality all it takes for something to be real? Drill wouldn't be a real genre because it's hard enough to even get mp3s. But don't you think it...
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    The Grime Hall of Shame

    Curious that this forum seems to dislike ket so much. I'm not a big fan but what do you say to people like genesis P.orridge who swear by its androgynous effects. It's also very popular with my trans / nb friends and I can attest that it makes me feel extremely feminine when I've accepted a bump...
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    skepta- good...or gash?

    yeh Link us or do a post for it plz. Am gagging for some drill academia. There's not a lot besides the end of Hancox's inner city pressure and a few articles by Watson Rose. I know a lot of people hate on drill but I think it's got a gorgeous sound and is truly representative of the times we...
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    skepta- good...or gash?

    Thanks babe! This forum is definitely hitting a very particular duality I've always had but never found elsewhere. Academic takes on Drill, dissection of the hardcore continuum and I appreciate the heavy UK perspective. You got a good thing going
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    skepta- good...or gash?

    My first post just to say that Skepta is the ultimate rollercoaster of microphone champion/ wasteman. From merkin sets to rolex sweep to full grime revivalism to half hearted beef with Wiley and so on. He wants to be a real MC but then he wants to get bigger and does some pop bits only to get...