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    The R.I.P. Thread

    Tina now turning in her grave
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    have you got a hairy back and shoulders?

    Dorsal hair. A blessing and a curse. I am a sufferer.
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    EDM as in the huge megafestival megagenre thing

    Put a donk on it.
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    The Great British Wank Bank

    Open all year around. Closed Christmas Day. The search continues.
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    Oxfordshire Culture mafia

    Choppand Snortem
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    Verlaine // Television

    I adore this record.
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    what are you reading now?

    I’ve read that. Good / horrible bit with a horse IIRC. TC Boyle
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    stoned thoughts

    Paddy Mayne
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    Psychedelic drugs

    I knew a ket monster. He caught the flu and died.
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    Music you pretended to like

    Worth the wait.
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    the 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world

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    Intoxication log

    Liquid bread
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    Intoxication log

    Vaudevillian rain.
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    Intoxication log

    It was a cracker over Somerset. Possibly the same storm. Woke me up. Richly satisfying.
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    Physical acts of genius [sports gods]

    Brilliant. And so accommodating.