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    Choon of the Day

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    The Weather.

    I’m in Japan, a country that gets its fair share of super typhoons however, the wind today has been quite weak. It must be an ill wind ....
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    Choon of the Day

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    Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

    Thanks for that Could’ve gone any number of ways: gangbang or Hostel You’re lucky to still be in one piece. It reminds me of that John Fowles story, The Magus
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    Western Movies

    The scene depicting the truck crossing the flimsy bridge is absolutely gripping Christ, now compelled to watch it on YouTube. Original movie Wages of Fear is fantastic too
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    That’s a half arsed attempt at an Arthur Scargill comb over , but with a flamboyant, carefree bouffant thing going on. If Scargill had weaponized his hair in this manner he could’ve appealed to the ruling classes more.....
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    Western Individualism

    Ah, Leith. Sheer Poetry
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    Western Individualism

    Could be worse
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    Western Individualism

    a Celtic fan? I’m a Hibby
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    Western Individualism

    When you see all the frenzied protesting and the toe curling narcissism on display, looking at things from Asia ( and I’m sure Asian people think this too) it’s quite easy to arrive at the conclusion that the Western Project has come to an end
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    Western Individualism

    It’s a Confucian thing I live in Japan , and the natives almost always , spontaneously refer to themselves as the collective “We Japanese” or, when discussing the merits of the group, they include themselves : “ We Japanese will win “. When a suspect is officially charged and deemed guilty...
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    Who hates Robert MacFarlane the most?

    Urm, not really. I’m more of a Joy Division, Wire kind of chap. Why do you ask ?
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    life hacks

    Just joined - was wandering cyberspace for weeks in search of a person or persons who hated Robert Macfarlane as much as I did.... and got sucked into dissension
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    life hacks

    Ahem, “ them” apples