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    Nature Watch.

    Captured this little guy during my safari in Kruger park. He was standing in this position for at least 10 minutes i was there. I printed this photo already and going to put it on my wall together with few more great shots from this trip.
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    People which have more money have more freedom. They are free to decide what food they gonna eat, where are they going on a next vacation without worrying to keep budget, they are free to have any clothes they have (not only the ones they can afford). My business was in a very bad state for the...
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    Apple is Dodgy

    You can called it Dodgy, doesn't mean much for me. Still gonna use iphones, their design is still the best on my opinion
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    I hate black color shoes. My shoes have to be colorful. Love buying clothes from Auctions and Marketplaces. Last time i bought a beautiful hat which is about 40 years old, still in a great condition. Had a little trouble with the delivery but when i called joom phone number they solved it very...
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    What's your favourite Adele song?

    Million years ago