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    guerilla marketing backfires...

    To me, this campaign was a fuck up by Turner, and a shallow echo of what I hated about Boston people when I lived there. What I think happened is two art students in Boston (about my age, too) were paid by an ad agency that does viral marketing to help the Aqua Teen campaign in Boston. In...
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    Wiley retiring?

    I think this is just the Wiley we love. He is guaranteed to start recording again. I had a package of his records arrive from Independance Records arrive today. He's a figure in the scene, I don't think his retirement will stick. (I hope.)
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    buy buy buy buy!

    Kliky! Kliky! Kliky! Kliky!
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    Those are two great singles. EDIT: I mean M/A/R/R/S and Rakim and Coldcut.
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    I didn't get that weekender thing from my side during the 90's, somewhat this would have to do with my location on the other side of the pond, but really I was surrounded by computers and headphones -- I'm a nerd. I was upset with a lot of 90's samples of 60's or 70's records -- I listened very...
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    Reverse Polarity mix (dubstep, electro-house, experimental)

    Nice. My mix tape is dubstep, minimal techno, and other stuff. Tell me what you think of it.
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    DUBSTEP- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    So the grime/dubstep perestroika could use more talks. And then generate more action on getting more quality vocals to grime/dubstep nights. My other idea was cue the dubstep open-mic night.
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    Shitmat & Ebola in Helsinki (video + interview)

    Yeeah, more please! Thanks, oubs.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    i don't have a great number of grime tunes. way into dump valve beats like shangooli, what. i don't see many more great tunes like these available. is it or isn't it already publicly expressed that vex'd has feet in both grime & dubstep? they make tunes that would be great with mcs. i love...
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    is anyone here on myspace???????

    I had a myspace personal profile in 05. It was fun for a bit. "Yahey, everyone in breakcore is on it!" But I canceled it after about 3 months. Whether it's for a personal or band profile, the friending has to come under "biggest pointless waste of time". Crappy music player, Rupert Murdoch...
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    UKG vs UKG vs UKG

    I enjoyed reading through the thread, and getting a lesson in the progress of dubstep, or electro shit, or eskibeat. I am a dumbass foreigner, but these records have been draining my account since the Dub War parties started my appreciation to dubstep. I enjoy records from many scenes, for...
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    Flex Unger and me /// the Passion of the Griffin mix tape

    Raising my Dragon Stout to the Pure Fire crew! Rar!
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    Flex Unger and me /// the Passion of the Griffin mix tape My free mix tape is downloadable from the Black Rhombus Sound System net label. Flex Unger and myself run through 33 tracks. I describe it as grime/dubstep/dub/techno/hardcore/breakcore/post party at 4 in the afternoon/too much caffeine. :)...
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    "yeaahhh!" all around to pure fire crew and everyone responsible for this.