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    herbert - what do you reckon?

    Saw The Matthew Herbert Big Band night before last, it was spectacular. Great compositions, incredible musicians (especially the vocalist,), and Herbert is easily the most animated and endearing "look at me play with a mixing desk and some kaos pads"-style performer I've seen. Some of his stuff...
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    A world without computers.

    And doing work more manually at a desk by hand or with a typewriter would somehow make you lead a more active lifestyle or eat more healthily? Nope, didn't think so. Computers are a convenient scapegoat for the lazy. Having grown up with them, I can safely say that my unhealthiness is the...
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    James Brown, RIP

    He was dead to me a long time ago.
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    I like the principle, but I've not found any that I feel like listening to regularly. Do any of you listen to them? Are there any DJ's out there doing good, regular podcasts?
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    New 4Hero

    Fuck, this sounds fantastic! Woohoo!
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    on-line vinyl stores
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    JUNGLE - breaking news... Hey! Wait a minute...

    Yeah, I prefer a lot of the more experimental and drumfunky stuff too. That mix was one I just happened to be listening to and that I knew was available enough for me to post here. :) That Seba & Alaska plate is superb, yes! Seba and Paradox have been doing amazing stuff the last year or two. I...
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    JUNGLE - breaking news... Hey! Wait a minute...

    True that. Those curious should check out this mix by Covert Operations supporter Besk One: (backup link)
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    I don't really understand how that question relates to what he's saying.
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    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    Have you heard Venus No. 17? Probably his best work, or at least among it. Ultravisitor was pants, though.
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    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    Agreed that Go! Plastic is better, for sure, but I think it's a bit of an apples/oranges thing. Squarepusher surpasses Aphex in almost every way anyway (his production is so much better than Aphex's has ever been). (imo)
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    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    Dunno about that, there are at least 8 solid tunes imo: Jynweythek (opening prepared piano tune) Vordhosbn (truly eerie/hard/meancing drill'n'bass tune) Mt Saint Michel... etc (sprawling dnb mayhem) 54 Cymru Beats (classic dancefloor business descends into chaos) Meltphace 6 (lovely poignant...
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    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    Let's not forget some of the brilliant stuff released as part of his Analogue Bubblebath series. 'Everyday' from Hangable Auto Bulb is a wicked tune also. Listening to him coincided with my first forays into writing my own electronic music, and I believe he left an indelible mark on my style...
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    The wave function

    Greg Egan is the man. His work is some of the most provocative SF I've read (along with PKD of course).
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    what if there is no next BIG thing?

    If you assume that the introduction of a significantly advanced musical technology will lead to a new wave of music (as with samplers, synths, electric guitars) then maybe the next big thing will be when we have instruments we can control with our thoughts alone. I imagine there'd be some pretty...