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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    count me out i was a fan of pink for the longest time until i saw his first new york performance at tonic last year...the spotty stage presence has been mentioned, but his arrogance hasn't...he spent the night taking jabs at r. stevie moore (at one point asking him to quit acting weird, which...
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    Bands/Artists with a PERFECT SOUND

    ppuurrfec danny & the dressmakers
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    Who killed Indie?

    if you're looking to explore some of the finer moments in indie-pop history i recommend searching out a few key labels: sarah records - home to some of the finest british indie pop of the 90s. field mice, 14 iced bears, boyracer, the orchids, the sea urchins, st. christopher, the wake (after...
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    what did you listen to today?

    the bartlebees - you're so beautiful 7" the passage - degenerates lp the wake - here comes everybody + singles (ltm reissue) television personalities - smashing time 7" holla at me cherry red, little teddy, and factory