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    how much MONEY do you make?

    do it then why not
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    Roiling football blather
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    Shamanic Trance Dance, Part 1

    did you find any shamans? aren't there loads of different types of shaman? like a conflation of various early historical practices throughout the world that all seem similarly nefarious to the abrahamic hierarchs (sensory derangement is commonplace......the south americans with their ayahuasca...
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    Roiling football blather

    there's something to that abidal is one of the fastest players i've ever seen over sprinting distances but he is prone to a sort of mind-freeze and isn't good in confined spaces, and zambrotta's concentration has gone to shit lately without continuity in the forwards, they haven't had the...
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    Roiling football blather

    g-d you can be a twat sometimes i write from boredom and/or to concretize my own thoughts, not out of some apostolic enlightening-directive and yet you need to psychologize even a few hypothetical ramblings about fucking football of all things torres is interesting, i think he was somewhat...
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    Roiling football blather fairly uncontroversial contention was that barcelona on paper should destroy all comers, and i don't think that essentially theoretical argument is disproven given their (often self inflicted) misfortune since then conceding 1 goal in two games v united isn't the problem, it's the...
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    Rock Against Racism '08
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    Dinner Party Music

    how awful for you
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    The stages of Jesus worship, by Jaie Miller

    sumtin like that are jehovah's witnesses a cult? maybe sect would be more appropriate, to an outsider it looks like they are parsing judaeochristian theology rather than actively substituting it with their own content or ur-god, and they don't seem to have charismatic powerful earthly godlike...
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    The stages of Jesus worship, by Jaie Miller

    these are fantastic posts jaie, congrous with a little of my idle non academe type research on the huge topic of the latent psychoticism of growing up with some of these risk factors, and cultish xtianity is one i hadn't really considered and probably not that uncommon hopefully some cunt's not...
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    Fighting in the Southern Backcountry

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    can we have a ysi thread

    the ligeti project ii - san francisco polyphony
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    People with annoying faces

    no no no!!!! donde esta nostra argumenta senor t esta seulamenta poesa
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    People with annoying faces

    FUCKING LOOK AT IT!!! whiny-voiced, pug-nosed, podgy-cheeked little bastard at least if she were a Muslim, we wouldn't have to see it massive fake tits remotely convincing fake tits weird chest-tumours and the way she thinks ej thribb etc
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    eduardo da silva

    ed wood