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    Send your animations,etc. stuff

    There's some free software here you can use to make animated gifs: And there's The GIMP: Keep 'em coming!
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    converting rars to mp3s

    Ah, but TUGZip is free. :)
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    Bizarre SP*M email titles and content

    Put your email address up all over the web - forums, blog comments, etc. The spammers will do the rest. E.g. Spam trail uncovers junk empire
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    Poll: What kind of school did Dissensus posters go to?

    ...leaves you crippled for life. A lot of bullied dissensians - I wonder why? Me: two comprehensives (nice and very nice) and a grammar school (tiresome), mild verbal harassment due to being the new kid and/or posher than most, but nothing heavy.
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    Does anyone have problems using

    Normally you have to wait 60 seconds, but after dowloading one file Rapidshare makes you wait 75(?) minutes before you can d/l another.
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    Rock n Roll/Plastic People of the Universe

    I haven't heard Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned, but their live CD 1997 rocks - all songs from the 70s. PPU fans I know rate it higher than their earlier releases, when they had little time to practice, their recording equipment was primitive, etc. The whole history of the Czechoslovak...
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    Torrent trackers?

    Thanks, looks good.
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    classical music

    I'd go along with all the Bach that's been mentioned, and the Beethoven. Janacek's Sinfonietta and Arva Part's Tabula Rasa (ECM do a nice CD with other stuff) are favourites. Don't think anyone's mentioned Sibelius yet; I like his 5th, 6th and 7th symphonies. Someone talked about listening to...
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    Torrent trackers?

    Post your favourites. For films, karagarga is phenomenal. Anything non-mainstream goes; this random screenshot shows the kind of stuff featured: Music is also covered, but nowhere near as comprehensively as cinema. Registration is open at present.
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    Trouble In The Tate Modern

    Art critics are shite at technology.
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    Has anyone ever analysed their dreams?

    Good link on sleep paralysis. I've had occasional episodes of that for the last few years, but had kind of assumed it was specific to me. The sense of malevolence is very powerful, and the first few times were frightening, but fear was outweighed by curiosity, and I began to appreciate the...
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    Wich net browser do you use?

    K-Meleon for me, recommended for jaded Firefox users. It uses the Gecko engine, only runs on Windows, and is fast, light , and highly configurable. Most Firefox extensions can be reproduced using macros, and you can use a web filter to block ads. You have to fart around with it a bit to get the...
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    smitfraud virus

    Here's some instructions. Have fun.