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    Wreck Tech - Live in NYC (please, please please listen)

    i don't like begging on the internet. but i finally have a board recording of me doing my thing, and I'd love some people who aren't from Brooklyn NY to hear it, because i'm really proud of it. its a big download, i know, but i have two choices (320, 192) to make it easier. track list is...
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    Dirupt Guest DJ Set

    one of my favorite producers ever. guest dj mix 2NITE 1hr of exclusive / unreleased jahtari yikes The Math + Science Show WNYU nyc - 89.1 fm ### - @@ - iTunes radio ('wnyu' under 'eclectic') 10:30pm ET sorry for spam but i'm so excited :-0 <3 wreck james
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    What are the cliches of Ableton Live?

    whenever i criticize something as being too abeltony it usually refers to the sound of the time stretching, the 'beat' preset especially has a very signature sound to it. bad producers using ableton and reason make things that sound very 'boxy', which is a combination of rigid sequencing and...
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    90s Dancehall Recommendations?

    air raid siren machine gun firing etc. been really into early buju banton as of late. its a shame that songs about killing gay people can be as wonderfully produced as they are bigoted. any recommendations?
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    Grievous Angel - Lickle Fiction (appreciation thread)

    that stuff offends me if the song is garbage...too often ragga vocals are used to 'heft up' tracks. but if the song is this good, then its just good art.
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    Grievous Angel - Lickle Fiction (appreciation thread)

    assuming you bracket all that jazz about "the black voice as spice" and how snippets of ragga vocals are played or some lame white boy badge of whatever... this song is so good.
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    Mars Volta Dubby Remix

    Mars Volta - Asilos Magdalena (Knifeshow remix) if anyone is interested i can drop a 320 DL link. thanks for listening!!
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    NYC this Friday come Get Rowdy!

    ee ahhh noo i'm going to miss this! im always out of town for these, i promise to be rowdy next month.
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    Dirty, Lazer-Laden Dubstep from Brooklyn

    check these two new jams from Brooklyn's newest electronic duo Knifeshow, and me. they're imeem'd up for easy facebook sharing and etc. Knifeshow - Chant Wreck Tech - Minus Rick...
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    Secret Agent Gel feat. Warrior Queen--"Body"

    eaaasyyy brooklyn, what! where do i sign?
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    Mala 9/27
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    venetian snares- black sabbath

    a+ this record is fucking dope and worth it dupstep that sounds like dub. cept its sabbath. weed helps.
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    Miami - where the records at?

    im in miami for a couple days where do i find cheap records and otto von schirach's house?
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    mixtape spots in NY?

    haha my bad im thinkin fulton st. in the financial district; theres actually a dude there who sells mixtapes to business dudes on lunchbreaks
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    mixtape spots in NY?

    the fulton st. guy is easy to miss, sorta part of a weird jewelry booth type thing on the corner by an intersection. theres also a dude near astor place. go from the cube toward 3rd avenue; can't miss him, has a little booth constantly blasting shit. haggle; he's used to NYU kids paying...