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    Hot Old Skool Babes

    good heavens, the fact robbie is the most stylish of those people is a shocking indictment
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    Martin Hannett

    brilliant, brilliant post. seems churlish to take issue with it really, but i will on two points: 'rock' and conservatism, as i don't think this quite gets it. i mean there IS something very sun sessions about hannett, cavernous echo for the sake of the epic, mythic- but then at the same time...
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    I.T's favourite is Titus Andronicus, think this is a goth thing
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    Martin Hannett

    if this becomes a martin hannett thread it could be quite interesting If we still have to have bands, then at least they could sound good. yes, this would be nice JD totally hated the production on Unknown Pleasures- the muting of the guitars esp...all the lift effects, the footsteps down...
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    you'll be lucky- whoever owns the print is so stingy that the bfi couldn't use it for their welles season a few years ago...hopefully it'll turn up on the internet eventually... in answer to your question...well- i like Lear a hell of a lot, despite it being an ungainly, cumbersome mess- the...
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    excellent thread, this... welles? (if just for kane) the beatles? (Ignoring maxwell's silver hammer, etc) apart from that am stumped. as an aside, as have a phobia of theatres, what shakespeare on film do people rate? as there is that horrible problem derived from olivier of yelling...
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    Poll: What kind of school did Dissensus posters go to?

    cad, with ancestral conker (can i just point out btw that i wasn't suggesting that anyone who didn't go to a comprehensive had an easy life? i thought i implied that, but it seems not)
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    Poll: What kind of school did Dissensus posters go to?

    well, 'dissensus poster' wouldn't be quite true of late, but can't resist an oppurtunity to grind a much-ground axe (hmm, only a 7% majority for comprehensives, when it's roughly the same amount nationally that go to public school- what does that say about dissensus... :p) anyway. i went to a...
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    Lenin Quote?

    maybe its a misquote of the bit about how capitalism abolishes 'rural idiocy' in this...?
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    The World Cup Thread *******

    best game I've seen so far BY A MILE- (or at least for the last 15 mins)- a draw between Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Wonder if this is a good thing or no
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    Adorno again

    Dialectic of Enlightment also The Culture Industry (Routledge Anthology) Do some bloody work, boy!
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    Zizek at Birkbeck

    ah very much a better idea to get there in good time. my tuppence worth on last thursday, btw
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    best building in london?

    the russell hotel rocks the bells. most victorian gothic is kind of boring, but i like it when they go completely full on with multicoloured brick, ludicrous expanses of crenellations and tentacles. marvellous also nice for very different is the tavistock hotel nearby, very cool art deco...
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    the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

    semi-legendary radiophonic discussion by robin carmody <a href="">over here</a> with various useful links, tho unfortunately the wire sinker one doesn't work oh and bobs, i will burn you a copy of that tomorrow people thing eventually :p
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    best building in london?

    yes! this place is incredible, i took loads of photos of it years ago when i lived on coldharbour lane. those statues of the Booths...'PROMOTED TO GLORY'...very low church...