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    Ten Years Of DBA {LDN} 07.02.20 Corsica Studios w/ Karen Gwyer, rRoxymore, Fauzia

    Ten Years Of DBA some cheap £5 b4 midnight entries up now, once those are out Dissensus crew can shoot me an email with Dissensus in the header for a discounted entry. DBA: rRoxymore, Karen Gwyer (Live), Kerrie...
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    [LDN] Don't Be Afraid Label Party @ Visions Video w/ Photonz, Architeq, Bullion 27/05

    Friday May 27th. 9pm – 4am Visions Video Bar 588 Kingsland Rd, London, United Kingdom E8 4AH Tickets: £3 / £5 in advance via Resident Advisor, MOTD Dissensus users can get a 20% discount by entering the code: 'ostbahnhof' when prompted. Photonz (One Eyed Jack's / Dissident) Architeq (Tirk)...
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    I know it's already posted but... man killed it. Om Unit - great producer.
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    Can you be a DJ and not own a label or make music?

    Jimmy Saville. I actually can't think of a single other example. Edit: although he definitely wore a hat and / or plaid shirt while mixing.
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    Best Blogging Software

    Thanks both, that's great, much appreciated.
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    Best Blogging Software

    My new work is starting an internal blog. Can anyone suggest a good off the shelf blogging solution? The crucial aspect is that it should be limited access, and secure. Ta
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    Newish House/Techno LP's I should own

    New Murmur album has just landed and it's excellent. I don't know much about him/her/them but it sounds great. It's along similar lines to Deepchord/Echospace, but more focussed, and there's a couple of great downtempo tracks on it as well. Plus, soon come new album from The Knife. It's all...
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    music you've been enjoying lately

    It could have been a disaster, but I must commend whoever chose Supermayer to remix Rufus Wainwright. Some will undoutedly find it too cheesy, and I am guilty of harbouring a tearjerker now and again. IMHO late contender for remix of the year. If you liked the Superpitcher remix of M83 'Don't...
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    music you've been enjoying lately

    cool! sounds ionteresting. what can you reccomend on cold rush and pcp? i haven't come across them before.
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    music you've been enjoying lately

    The Gamelan stuff is great. Nice call Zhao. My only problem with it is feeling that I need to undertake some serious study to give it its dues. Also been checking: Electronic: Daniel Meteo Technasia Early Stewart Walker (Stabiles, Live Extracts) Thorsten Fenslau Mono Junk (Kimmo Ripatti) -...
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    Burial "Untrue"

    most exciting musical event of the year. bollocks to radiohead. burial should be on the f*cking honours list. give the man an OBE. please. (as long as it doesn't turn out to be thom yorke in disguise).
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    admitting you were wrong: music you used to like and now hate

    Skream. At first I liked the catchiness of MRL etc. Now it just bugs me when someone plays it. Hot Chip. Maybe I never really liked them but thought they were clever all the same. Now in context they just sound cheap.
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    this radiohead thing then.

    In a way yes, though it's also a selfish act in another sense: they have effectively undercut all the other competing albums, knowing that they are established acts who are likely to recoup money on touring, merchandise etc... I think it's very clever, but if it sets a precedent for giving away...
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    your music suggestions

    sounds interesting, what's it called/what name's it under?
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    your music suggestions

    also 'better off this way' and 'party fears (two)' off the same album (sulk). associates are great. if you're into that kind of avant garde pop sound, also recently discovered mark stewart 'as the veneer of democracy starts to fade', which has 'hypnotized' on it. well worth checking. my...