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    Marijuana smack

    Ha! Actually, I think you're right, but I must admit my gears get a bit gummy, always takes me a few days to make the switch.
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    bLectum From bLechdom.....

    I really don't have anything particularly constructive to add to this except to say that I'm totally psyched to see the pair addressed so positively on this forum. Bitches w/ Britches rocks my world whenever I put it on. The banjo can't be fucked with, and the cover of Private Dancer is...
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    Union Pool Katrina Benefit last night in Brooklyn

    Anyone else at this last night? I thought the event was really top-notch, and it seemed like it was probably very successful in terms of raising money. I also thought Celebration put on a wicked show, inspiring, heartfelt, put the meaning of the night in perspective, and the drummer just...
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    Marijuana smack

    I definitely knew a dude once who went WAY out of his mind every time he smoked. Predisposition to be sure. And I've definitely had my moments of extreme paranoia. I do think people downplay the addictive qualities... I find when I get high it's basically just an exaggeration of what my...
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    Rebirth software now free (303/808/909 emulation)

    For mac they've got just the disc image up to download, so you don't have to load a cd to use. but they've only got it up as a bit torrent download now, which would be fine except that it seems there just aren't enough people w/ it online at the moment to get my download started. Maybe if I...
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    When the levee breaks

    happened to catch c-span at 6 this past morning, they were showing Bush on his jaunt through the region. Watching him striking poses w/ governor of Alabama, Mike Brown of FEMA, some other dudes, all very well dressed and, you know, keeping their composure- Bush getting this completely silly...
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    grime geniunely edging closer to US consciousness?

    nor how you can make sweeping comparisons between US taste and British taste... there are a lot of people in this here country, into a lot of different things. If somebody sells a million records, it's a lot, sure, but a super-small percentage of the total population.
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    Musical Dynasties

    isn't Tom Waits's son now his drummer?
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    Sex and sensuality

    Maxinquaye was an album-length immersion in mysterious sexuality that was a bit over my young adolescent head. Martina's voice just absolutely squashed me.
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    Musical Dynasties

    Oh, well- Ornette and Denardo Coleman...
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    Musical Dynasties

    Anthony Braxton- Tyondai Braxton I'm certain there are more in the jazz orbit that I'm blanking on right now...
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    Grime/Bassline Mixes Audio

    not that my opinion is authoritative at all, but the first bassline mix put an hour of boring, boring work behind me right quickly. Thanks!
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    Coldplay "sampling" Kraftwerk.

    In defense of not liking Coldplay: listening to that live bit there, Chris Martin really can't sing, can he? I mean, it's not like he's not trying...
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    what are you reading now?

    Fairly new translation of Don Quixote (by Edith Grossman). I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems great and also seems to have gotten a fair bit of praise. I'm at this point where a side story is read aloud by the priest: it's about a newly married man who asks his best friend to try to...
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    I hate Sigur Ros!

    So my subjective enjoyment of Sigur Ros from time to time is actually a bullshit, bogus experience? And it was really wierd too- the whole time I was reaching for that lever with George Bush's name next to it, I was wondering, "why the hell am I doing this," but I just couldn't stop myself...