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    who is better: paul mccartney or phil collins?

    To complete the experiment you should watch <a href="">Buster</a> back to back with <a href="">Give My Regards to Broad Street</a>. You'll never be able to keep your food down again.
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    I wasn't aware that I hadn't seen any wasps this summer until I went to Berlin two weeks ago and 3 or 4 of them turned up every time I tried to eat or drink anything.
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    bob mould and frank black- coincidence, or something more sinister?

    The second Frank Black album (<I>Teenager of the Year</I>, the one with the ‘white noise maker’ song mentioned above) is ace. It’s hard to describe what’s so good about it - especially as it sounds a bit like Tom Petty and features a couple of cod-reggae tunes – but I think part of it is the...
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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    That's really funny - I hope he meant it. The obnoxious personality looks to me like part of the act, another barrier between the audience and the tunes. If anyone's interested in hearing AP's recent studio recordings (mentioned by Appleblim upthread) it looks like they are going to be...
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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    Yeah, at times the way the music came out seemed completely disconnected from what the musicians were actually doing. Something else mentioned by Appleblim and K-Punk that I'd forgotten was the sheer volume of the gig - it seemed much louder than usual at the Cube - which made the spectacle...
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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    Yeah, I can see how that might help. I've just ordered Worn Copy from Paw Tracks, so I'll be sure to eat a badly-cooked kebab or something before I listen to it. Enjoy yourselves tonight, Spitz-goers. I've now read the info at the top of the thread properly and realised that I was a little...
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    Ariel Pink gig in London.

    Did anyone go to this? I saw his Bristol gig last night and I'd be interested to hear your reactions. I've not heard any of his recordings, but I invited some people from work on the basis of his psychedelic-pop-outsider-genius reputation. I spent the first couple of songs thinking I was...