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    George Floyd

    I think that photo is actually of one specific DOJ building they have been hired to guard. They aren't being used to manage/suppress demonstrators directly. Just a department upping it's security private detail. The more disturbing photos for me are the police with black masking tape over their...
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    George Floyd

    I think everyone knew the police had become too militarised, but we hadn't seen it out in the open on this scale until now. The move to a militarised state isn't just about the hardware they have inherited... but with it came a mindset of dehumanising your enemy. America now has to face up to...
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    Out of the loop/in the bubble

    We have private healthcare for the individual, but not for family members. I suspect that is quite common for many businesses and would explain the large number of users. But yes, he hasn’t extended it himself to his family. Also, even with private healthcare, your initial touch point in an...
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    Out of the loop/in the bubble

    When it comes to bubble bursting, this is something I've consciously tackled over the past couple of years. (Not in the realm of politics, but instead pro/anti bitcoin camps - but now I'm thinking I need to branch out). Actively follow people who are clearly smart but opposed to your world...
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    narcissist barty's techno party

    This thread has brightened up my dull day/week/month. Thank you. Can you just keep going? I could read the summaries forever.
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    Out of the loop/in the bubble

    As someone who doesn't use streaming sites I'm even more out of touch. I have zero idea what kids are listening to beyond what I hear coming from my neighbours teenage sons room. Which appears to be either Eminem or heavily auto-tuned... something... trap? Basic beats, Fruityloops synths...
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    The Outer Limits

    It would be a nigh-on impossible task. No one wants generic random music thrust upon them outside of their existing comfort zones. Like political views, if someone tries to convert you, you only end up shutting down and stubbornly refusing to accept. Surely it is the music nerds dream to have...
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    The Outer Limits or perhaps, for sheer belligerence and with no intention of actually winning said person over; after that palette cleanser. Offer them something sun-drenched.
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    Environmental Collapse: when and how bad?

    I have a fascination with Raising the sea level by 1m puts my property at risk. 2m sea level rise and I'll need a boat to get to the local Co-op. This has bothered me so much that I am now seriously committed to moving house next year. Admittedly to get away from...
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    Late to the party, but I have to call out the need to acquire £25K CD player in order to 'hear all the bits'. This is demonstrably wrong, take a good quality CD drive in a computer (and by good quality we are talking less than £100) and you can accurately rip an audio CD bit-for-bit to a WAV...
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    brand vs paxman

    I really don't think anything can or will happen to the political elite until the current financial system implodes upon itself. Only when the dollar is worthless- dragging the rest of the world with it and thousands are dead from food and power riots will we see new systems grow in the spaces...
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    I feel like now is the time to dig up the study into babies being racist... but Googling 'racist babies' whilst at work would not look good on the end of year review.
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    gta 5

    I say the missions are no more complex, but I haven't got to the bank heists yet so things might well ramp up as the game progresses. This game is one of the highest budget media ever made, and it really shows.
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    gta 5

    I booked a week off work for this. It is beautiful. It's still misogynistic, the missions are no more complex than the previous game... but the environment is a work of art. The sea animation, the colour of twilight, the sick yellow of tunnel lights, the way those lights reflect off car paint...
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    The LiL JaBBA releases have blown me away. Who else is going off on a tangent like this? Or is he in a class all of his own?