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    Olive Craner's Politics.

    i hate Thatcher and read Berlinksi on Turkey (not sure what i think). Cognitive dissonance right there, is what i believe they call it. (like when you want a torta and all they have are burritos.)
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    Nice one Jim, i think it's deffo in the mix. Cheers :) At least two of our party really don't care for Shep Neame but make lemonade eh ;) (also speaking of me and our kid, Shep Neame beer - save Spitfire - are v rare in our native Mcr, & i personally have not been down in Ldn long enough to...
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    Re Slothrop's help for Ulala, deffo co-sign on Utobeer and Kris Wines. Nelson Wines in Wimbledon worth a shout, and the Cask bar in Pimlico (those of us on the thread who are geeks will know this gaff) do off sales. Marks & Sparks' beers are OK i believe, certainly their 'Yorkshire bitter' got...
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    now i realise going to the boozer and drinking spirits is not the cheapest endeavour, but i'm out soon with baby brother and some pals around Farringdon/Clerkenwell (Craft, Gunmakers, Jerusalem Tav, etc, to be hit up) as he wants a beer and whisky night as part of his birthday shenanigans, and...
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    Roiling football blather

    i had to wryly agree w Crackerjack the other day when he pointed out as much as we all love Holloway, i wonder what Plymouth Argyle fans think of his views on contracts... ...funnily enough, re Wayne 'Everton fan since i was a lad' Rooney's recent hullaballoo (which is looking like a Paul...
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    Tom Cruise scientology video

    the reason Scientology is struggling to establish itself is because it is a stupid cult. OK if you're a hardcore atheist you might say much the same about big religions but at least you have the consolation of oh i don't know, Islamic calligraphy or Gregorian plainchant or Iberian synagogue...
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    The Game - Neil Strauss

    that's a good question, i wonder about that too. presumably they have 'left the life' if they sack off the revolving door in favour of one person? i had never heard of either the Rules or the Game before i read these threads - though since i haven't been laid this year, that's perhaps not...
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    bloody miserable

    one thing's for sure, if the rest of you decide to stage an intervention, it's got to be a united front. so you can't even implore him to join everyone in your lounge or whatever to watch a spot of telly? his love of films might be handy. the poor sod :( i saw a psycho-therapist for about ooh...
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    right wing MILFS

    that's a fair point.
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    right wing MILFS

    O' Donnell is off the scale she's that dagenham. i used to pay attention to US politics but a lot less these days, we need Padraig (us) or mos dan or rumble or someone like that up in this thing. hopefully undecideds in Delaware will be driven into the arms of the Democrat person what w O'...
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    Where should I eat in London?

    LOL :D how about Drummond Street? there's quite a few places down there and it's fairly central. or Sagar West End is off TCR and Sagar Covent Garden is the same group, all veggie admittedly. elsewhere, i've ate at the Regency caff in Pimlico (mentioned ^) twice recently, and it is spot on...
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    Ed Milliband

    i heard he's an atheist and had a child out of wedlock. no wonder the country is going to the dogs.
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    Roiling football blather

    LOL at the Mestalla mics clearly picking up Darren Fletcher's choice language at the end there.
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    Ed Milliband

    :D yeah, Ed M has sounded good on civil liberties, like Crackerjack says, he definitely would want to reverse some NuLab follies in that area. heartened by the Cracker and hucks love for Ed Balls' grasp of stuff, if also agreeing w all and Grizzleb about the guy's love of a ruck, etc.
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    Ed Milliband

    as long as he isn't under the impression Norman Hunter still actually plays for them he'll do better than Tony 'Die-hard Mag' Blair