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    isn't this cheating though as you could easily look up the answers
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    Dinner of the Day.

    a brooklyn culture mafia this ain't
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    Pictures of Politicians

    i aim to replicate this outfit before the year is out
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    'Groundhog Day' In The Time of Corona

    not very tall and talk a foreign language.
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    Choon of the Day

    well yeah but i would never wear a waistcoat though.
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    Marvel Films

    this is obviously two guys in a big suit. classic routine
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    Sonic sound Synthesis

    this is tomorrow night yall get a taste by listening to scot solida's former band, christus and the cosmonaughts.
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    'Groundhog Day' In The Time of Corona

    it's here
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    'Groundhog Day' In The Time of Corona

    if this is groundhog day when's the scene where i get to nick loads of money from a bank, not gonna learn to help others until this happens 3rd time i've cracked this joke
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    Emasculation of the Western Man
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    Music you are prejudiced against

    sorry @entertainment couldn't resist. think it's time i left the house for a bit
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    Music you are prejudiced against

    jungle. those drums are much too fast than the worst drums of all time. acid house. that "we call it acid" is the worst song of all time. encourages drugs abuse. grime. that "stormzy" song is the worst song of all time. it's not even singing. drill. that "drill" song is the worst music of all...
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    Marvel Films

    also he had that magic shield he could turn on or off
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    Marvel Films

    this reminds me of when an old lady was asked what she thought of all the sex and violence in today's cinema. she answered that she always sits in the front row and can't see any of that stuff happening
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    Marvel Films

    antonioni is romantic pastiche for teenage existentialists, nothing wrong with that