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    Pop derived from Grime

    I just find it amazing how Dizzee has become so part of the establishment. i feel really pleased for him because he seems to be loving it!
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    Agree with this
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    a few cultural differences

    :D clearly im the dense one, quick search reveals how i just walked right into this one :p i barely look at anything outside the music section, i will from now on
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    a few cultural differences

    hmm... i haven't looked too deeply into Derrida, I do like Borges' stuff though which is apparently where a lot of it came from. just out of interest what do you think about Latour? well I'm doing a science and technology masters and the hot topic at the moment seems to be how to integrate...
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    a few cultural differences

    but I'm not a grad student in relativism, or any social science... is this what you were assuming? Lol, yes in order to "operationalise" someone has to weight the variables accordingly, who gets to do that? the computer model? how do you gather such data? plus do either you or nomad have any...
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    a few cultural differences

    i think it's your certainty that frightens me :eek:
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    a few cultural differences

    The 'hard' sciences may produce results that are perceived as unequivocal truths but are inherently framed by social contexts. Who posed the research questions? for what purposes, based on what assumptions? don't get me wrong im not against scientific evidence based policy making but it always...
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    Producer Talk

    This chart might be useful The TC stuff does sound really nice, especially konnekt 24d and up because of its built in dsp.
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    Hyphy vs Jerkin

    mm loving this one! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Logic 8 is out

    this does actually look great:D im an audio specialist at an apple mac shop. if it can really take on ableton in the time-stretching stuff it will win :p
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    hello would love a 320 of that streets ting!! the brandy ones cool too nice one!!

    hello would love a 320 of that streets ting!! the brandy ones cool too nice one!!
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    +1 thanks for that article, best thing i've read this year for sure!!! :D
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    Good USB interface for DJing with Live

    zhao: you may already know this but: you can save chunks of ur set by selecting them and dragging to a folder on the browser on the side. if you do this with groups of styles, tempos etc u can drag these playlists into any set any time without stopping the music. hope this is helpful
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    Funky/London/UK House

    lol, yeah i know.