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    Going to Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans - travel tips needed!

    Hi everyone, next week I'll be doing a small southern road trip visiting Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans. I'm not stopping very long in each city so advise would be very much appreciated! If anyone familiar with these cities and routes sees this post. What I'd most like to explore is: -...
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    A recent mix I did for the Partyzone Radio show in Reykjavik (House, Techno, Indie..)

    Hope you have a listen! :) 1. Marcellis - Come and Boogie (Black Label) 2. Marcel knopf - Rec-Chord (Mo's Ferry) 3. Seth Troxler - Hurt (feat. Matthew Dear) (Spectral Sound) 4. Sun Electric - Sissy (Shitkatapult) 5. Furry...