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    nah not really. seems a bit by numbers which is off considering those involved. if you ask me the Ghost stuff has been romaticised and over-hyped in terms of influence anyway but that's another thing...
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    Grime-where did it all go wrong?

    I know it's Wiley ffs. And to be honest he's one of the few I respect involved in grime, though I'm not pretending to be all-knowing. In my opinion that rhyme sounds lame, but no matter. The point about Duppy isn't the quality of tune, it's the style. I rate it, it's obviously got a hook that...
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    Grime-where did it all go wrong?

    "ten reasons why grime holds my interest in 2006: 1. Skepta - Duppy" that's your problem. sounds like fucking bassline garage from five years ago with the tiniest of twists, even has creed on it for gawds sake, then you get some retard vomiting 'tiger, tiger' over and over and he can't even...
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    Mike Ladd and DJ Orgasmic at WWWHUT!?

    That Alex Chase is a belting DJ...
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    Poor State of Grime

    I remember Maxwell D on Kool quite alot. Didn't know Target and Trend were the same ones if you know what I mean, but 2 Degrees is one of my favourite jungle tunes of all time... so props for that.
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    Roll Deep - Me

    Now that's a tune. What's the deal with it, as I don't follow grime much... I see it's not on the album... Cheers.
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    Poor State of Grime

    Really? Who? And how involved do you mean?
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    the mitchell brothers - a breath of fresh attire

    Mitchell Brothers at Fabric were a joke, sorry... And I wouldn't say they had 'owt to do with grime, likewise Skinner.
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    Poor State of Grime

    The idea is fresh and interesting - so people hearing it for the first time continuing to be drawn in doesn't surprise me - but, in my opinion, the tunes that are coming out now, aren't fresh and interesting, they're just repeating the original idea; badly. Those who originated have moved on...
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    Poor State of Grime

    Some interesting points made throughout. But I can't help think that the simple answer was said by Logan some time ago: "It's kiddy music." It is. MCs aren't great compared to Jehst, Skinnyman, Ty etc let's be honest and it's no coincidence that the crews are getting younger and younger. Though...
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    Missy's "Lose Control"

    'lose control' is ok. samples Cybertron's electro classic Clear. all about the flip for me, the Neptunes on the buttons of a heavy, heavy and completely bonkers track, 'on and on'.
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    It's Coming. . . D :::: M :::: Z

    Yes indeed.
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    Would you adam and eve it...

    I flicked to Shine 87.9 this evening, and for a minute, I thought I'd been transported back in time. They were only playing mediocre-to-poor 2-step garage. No, seriously! But - get this - they seemed to actually be 'new' tunes. Well, dodgy r'n'b remixes, but no change there (aah... 'Mariah' by...
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    FWD Last night

    I don't hate the 'noisey (sic) grime', but the 'MC's (sic) shouting over it' are another matter. Hold tight the dodgy spelling and bad grammar crew. 'You're tyme'. Am I not allowed an opinion until I post a bit more?!
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    FWD Last night

    Hmm, not so keen on the incomprehensible shouty MCs, and the DJs pulling up dubs just 'cos they're one-offs or 'cos the MC merked someone/said some cunt's name... mentioning no names etc. Looking forward to the dubstep special myself... though can't seem to find the line-up online anymore...