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    Dancing versus dancing

    I've been thinking about how what is to me the most interesting music over the last few years, drill and trap dancehall, are in a sense danceable but not "dance music" - that is, the functional, purpose-built stuff, which to me just feels mostly stagnant and unimaginative these days. I've felt...
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    New Dancehall

    Meant to reply before with some new tracks but eerrrr didn't. The levels have definitely gone down but wouldn't say there's nothing worth listening to (although I appreciate Benny is maybe exaggerating for effect).
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    The HEAVIEST bassline EVER

    Couple contenders from the Black Ops camp:
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    New Dancehall

    Not sure if people saw, but EleganceGad was shot and killed last week. In addition to the human tragedy, a real loss in terms of someone pushing the autotune weirdness more than most. Been listening to this track that dropped a week or two ago a lot the last couple days. His management team...
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    New Dancehall

    Depends how you define "past few weeks" - could point to other recent good tunes - but I liked Intence and Iwaata on New Moves Riddim.
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    Why Conspiracy Theories?

    Did they download a deconstructed club EP from bandcamp for the BGM?
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    New Dancehall

    More summery music for Benny
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    New Dancehall

    Ha yeah I had the same reaction.
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    New Dancehall

    Bong Bing got pretty big on TikTok and Cristale was out in Jamaica a few weeks ago, so I think we'll see more tracks in that vein soon.
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    New Dancehall

    I don't dislike it in the way other people seem to, and yeah I do get the distinctive thing you mention (there is something kind of amusing about it, and not necessarily in a negative way - Skillibeng shared a video on Insta where someone had superimposed the wap bit onto COD or some other...
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    New Dancehall

    Whatever the situation is, the past couple weeks have been stronger. Few recent tunes (don't think these have been posted): Couple older bits I didn't get round to sharing at the time: This last one tapping into that "gaseous" vibe Benny mentioned way back in the thread.
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    New Dancehall

    That tune is obviously getting a bit of backlash - and yeah fair enough, it's a good example of Skilli's laziness we've talked about before - but I take Dancehall Mag's stance on it with a slight pinch of salt tbh. There are still a bunch of people defending it in the comments, and generally...
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    Gabber: Square wave bludgeoning

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    have you had the corona yet?

    Not yet, although the number of infections are so low in Tokyo compared to other places and I only know a few people who have had it. Think Japan's luck might be about to run out though with omicron.
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    Thanks both of you, will give all of this a listen.