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  1. beiser


    placeholder thread for when i’m sober enough to write up a theory of mitski but it seems remarkable that nobody on the board has ever mentioned her.
  2. beiser

    contemporary Nigerian jams

    some truly world-class stuff coming out these last few years. SDC’s Clone Wars 4 was probably my album of the year for 2019, really good stuff:
  3. beiser

    Carly Rae Jepsen

    probably deserves a thread. I know @Corpsey is a fan. Thinking about the transcendental appeal here, the figure of Carly as a non-person more than a stand-in—if you look at pictures of her from between her different eras, you'll notice that she doesn't even look like the same person. We don't...
  4. beiser

    what keeps you posting?

    i've started to feel like online is a sort of purgatory, a doomed/cursed place where people exorcise themselves of libidinal energy when they feel trapped in the other parts of their lives i remember reading a quite depressing thread on here where people talked about how they were functioning...
  5. beiser


    doesn't seem to be a thread on them, am sure there are some good takes here my conclusion after substantial rumination is that Lotringer and Kraus cannot be understood other than as landlords, and semiotext(e) is terribly straightforward ploy to translate a stream of revenue derived from rent...
  6. beiser

    class prostheses

    I keep getting ads for a startup called "Grammarly," which promises to fix your bad prose and make you look like a respectable and well-educated member of society. An arbitrage for capitalizing on the intangible benefits accorded to the cultured classes, without having to go through the process...