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    incidentally, my naid fetish is one more reason i won't be seeing 'lady in the water'.
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    did i spell that last word right ? now i'm wondering if it's one of those words that's spelled one way here and another way in the uk.
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    i don't think i have any proper fetishes, because in both cases the object, the cathexis is still a living woman. but i do have a thing for naids (because of a certain anais nin story) and women swimming. ditto watching women masterbate.
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    britons, please help

    so far, so good. if weetabix were the slice of madeline cake (proust), what memories would it bring back ?
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    The 33 1/3 Series

    or maybe "competition" would be a better word.
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    The 33 1/3 Series

    there's (supposedly) this huuuuuuge contest over who'll be allowed to do the 33 1/3 on 'marquee moon'.
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    britons, please help

    so, er weetabix what's it like then ? a completely subjective inquiry of course, but the curiosity is killing me now. if you've had our products does it compare with frosted flakes ? and is it true that antipodeans get a different cereal ?
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    qutting smoking!

    try drinking water whenever the craving hits you, or if your appetite spikes. that will stave off weight gain, and satisfy the oral craving. myself i never started, 'less you count one cigarette in high school to prove to the cool kids that i wouldn't like it "really".
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    their live sound is utterly pristine- as in immaculately clean and just like the studio stuff. to do it they spend mebbe 3 or 4 times as long as other indie bands do to set up and check sound. i didn't think i'd appreciate the albini produced material as i thought he'd bludgeon them with his...
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    Books you've read recently and would unreservedly recommend

    'gravity's rainbow' by pynchon for the 2nd time. this go-round i wonder if borroughs read him. 'the blood of guatemala- a history of race and nation' by greg grandin. top notch history of the sufferings and successes of the mayans. i might have bought it just for the icon-like collage on the...
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    best obscure Wikipedia pages?

    the page on aristasia was classic, now it's only mentioned under the micronations rubric.
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    The Big Hello Thread

    hello dissensus, my name is michael (you're not lucky enough to get the real msr. delon), and i'm a student in french and history from pennsylvania in the united states. for fun i like literature, film, weightlifting, theory, hiking, learning new languages or portions of them, american...