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    my mate has the use of this space and he wants to put on a party. he reckons it's about 300 people capacity, relatively high ceilings, stone floors. so, what i wanted to ask.... anyone with knowledge of these things... does the following soundsystem look like it'll be alright in terms of...
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    Dissensus Post Amnesty thread

    a place to bury posts you can't bring yourself to submit in the actual thread.. ?
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    the revolution will be televised get locked
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    South Africa in the year 2010

    Eugene Terre'blanche killed..... AWB spokesperson says "The death of Mr Terre'Blanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for 10 years on end." (i realise noone gives a fuck about the AWB but this is still pretty shit......i...
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    monitor speakers

    what are the best monitor speakers for under £500? for home use. how to the KRKs compare to the Mackies? and are the Genelecs better than both? any advice/help much appreciated...
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    voices @ plastic people LDN tonight

    gatto fritto is headlining tonight, gotta say i think this guy is a brilliant selector. heard him spin the other day in brixton, totally took me by surprise. built and built for 3 hours, got the whole place going crazy, improbable blends, all kinds of stuff but nothing i recognised, gradually...