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    okay, have at 'em, boys i think they're brilliant -- the whole anonymous-mystique-gimmick aside, i think whoever's responsible for these recordings knows what they're doing and has produced some of the most liberated and inspiring pop/rock of the decade. and the live band, even if they are...
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    Favorite band names?

    What is your favorite band/group/duo/collective name? A justification as well, if you wish
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    Jules Baptiste / Red Decade

    almost picked up this 12": "Native Dance / Red Decade" by Jules Baptiste and Red Decade, from 1982, and now i'm kicking myself for balking at the $15 price tag. anyone familiar with this record or know of any other stuff by Red Decade or Jules Baptiste? Glenn Branca was credited as executive...
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    Anyone else find this funny? Is this a joke or what? I kind of hope not. Also, sorry if this doesn't seem to belong in music... should it have gone into film? art? horripilation?!?
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    Nicholas Roeg

    Nicolas Roeg The Criterion Collection has just recently announced they'll be putting out Bad Timing and The Man Who Fell To Earth. The latter is one of my all-time favorite films (and is being released on DVD for the third time). Any other Roeg fans out there? Criticism? Recommendations...
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    internet radio/podcast recommendations?

    Anything interesting, really... but preferably punk, post-punk, new wave, krautrock, c86, psych of all eras, industrial, electro, italo...
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    Why is terror conveyed so much more easily by the media than by the actions of terrorists themselves? The news specializes in making fear quotidien even when there aren't bombs and murder. And when there are, all the news does is chart the spread of fear (terror) and thus spread it further than...