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    so, anyone here interested in Diaspora? its the new social network service thing that is de-centralised,as in you can host it on your own server as well as using others, still connects up, but your info doesnt have to be owned by a big corporation. open source is the term i think. kinda a bit...
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    first mix ive done, tryna get a vibe between dread and euphoria, clouds of off kilter blends, hosted here... TRACKLIST ornine – horselover (synth) jaydee – plastic dreams skillz – talk of the town dj ng feat baby kate – tell me what it is blackdown – crackle blues (burial...
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    Good and Bad Genre Names

    was thinking about this in relation to "drag" (in my oppinion a very good genre name) and "witch house" (the same genre, but not so good name...) go here if you have no idea what im talking about and how it seems that bad...
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    Introspective/Melancholy Dancehall

    hey, just here to request some tunes/knowlege on this sort of tip, im looking for some dancehall (or related sub genres/jamaican music) with a more melancholy or introspective feel, something to contrast the most of what ive heard (the more pumped or incredibly sexual stuff). heard this the...
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    I heard some music from this blog twankle and glisten called "Gogo" or "Crank", and wanted to share it here, i didnt have a clue what was going on at first as it sounded like the messiest jumble hip hop racket i'd heard, but what i was presuming to be crazy production was something more like a...