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    Drum and Bass/Ardcore/Numm ebay sale dead cheap
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    Soundcloud Problem

    maybe someone more tech-savvy than me can tell me what to do..Soundcloud imbeds in say, Fact Magazines mixes page are blank?? hope its something simple (i did a system restore but still blank..)
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    Nurse With Wound/United Daries Sale

    me mate is selling some fine records
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    RIP Trish Keenan
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    K-Punk "No Killing What Can't Be Killed".

    trying to download this..can't is mediafire down??
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    for all the oneohtrix point never fans! http VERY now, one would have thought.
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    falty dl mixes

    theres a Fact one AND a Resident advisor one too!! which is best or at least longest?
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    Jeff Keen

    REALLY feeling the new 4 DVD box perhaps could have posted this in the "music that is psychedelic" thread as they function a lot like music and they are INCREDIBLY youself a favour and give these a go..difficult to do 'em justice but Stewart home has a go here...
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    anyone got an mp3 mix of this stuff??? i'm intreiged......
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    minimal techno mixes

    sorry not a mix but a request...where can i find some? (suitable for cd burning ie; 79 mins or under- mp3 rather than rapidshare etc)
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    Fag Tapes

    Interested to know people’s opinions on this stuff…some stunning stuff on ‘em…BUT I can’t help detecting a “fuken gnarly dude” vibe. Fair enough it’s Rat Club era Throbbing Gristle worship but it seems to have evolved into an area that chimes with much contemporary improv….anyone heard this...
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    K Punk/Pseud's Corner

    i hear K Punk is in (Private eye's) Pseud's Corner...i know it was from his Mark Stewart interview in The Wire but does anyone know the quote used?
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    Ogg To Mp3

    whats the easiest (free)software to use for this??
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    Origins of Goth

    I’ve been thinking about the above but this here internet is chock full of Gothdom and I dunno where to start…. (I recon I smell a few ex-goths on Dissensus) I’m thinking more about the Leeds/Sisters scene rather than the London/Batcave end of things …anyone know a good website??
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    7 inch single middle thing

    You know those things for in the middle of a “jukebox” seven inch single not the individual things there a block sort of thing …well I need a cheap one (plastic will do!) Manchester hopefully or online at a push…
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    anyone seen the new Fact magazine? apparently theres a 20 greatest Bleep tracks in there (by Simon Reynolds) could imagine a few of these being in there... UK PRESSURE MIX 90-91 50 mins, 128kbps Tracklist: Cabaret Voltaire - What Is Real (Virtual Reality Mix) Man Machine - Man Machine...
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    "Junior Boys" - "Body Language Vol. 6"

    Any Good?
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    mark ronson-brit awards

    i'm sure this aint the place to ask this but what was the song he did eith adele on telly last night?
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    Energy Flash 2008

    Is this out yet? if so is it worth buying if you have the original?
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    Screaming seagulls kiss her kiss her

    wheres that from (the homosexuals?)