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  1. Ransbeeck

    Beer And Beer Drinking

    Have you had standard Rodenbach from the tap? Thousand times better than from a bottle. Don't know any other beer where the difference is so big.
  2. Ransbeeck

    Beer And Beer Drinking

    Rodenbach is probably my favourite every day beer and I didn't know it was called a "flemish red". As Viktorvaughn experienced, I would also think of Kriek or another fruit beer. Has anyone here tried the Austrian Trappist, Gregorius? I've had all other 7 so I'd like to try the 'new' one.
  3. Ransbeeck

    Rolling travel thread

    Portugal's great. I liked Porto even better than Lisbon. The area around the Douro river is very nice. The weather's more unpredictable in the North though. Avoid the big cities in the Algarve. When I was there the last time about 5 years ago it was also rather cheap. Especially food and...
  4. Ransbeeck

    Beer And Beer Drinking

    The Cantillon brewery is in the center of Brussels. They accept visitors. Never done the tour myself but I've heard good things about it.
  5. Ransbeeck

    Beer And Beer Drinking

    For beer drinking? Delirium is the traditional tourist hotspot. But Moeder Lambic is better in my opinion. Lambic is a local Brussels beer btw. There's also Geuze, which is made by blending several types of Lambic. Not too many people like it though. But actually, almost any pub in Belgium...
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    The press release hall of shame thread

    Bringing together a list of creatives from the field of music, film and fashion, *x* delivers inspirational projects which also include a stringent yet hue-friendly line of garments. Displaying its sensibility for compelling pattern-work over traditional tailoring, the Swedish brand has called...
  7. Ransbeeck

    Fire fe de Vatican

    Hoping for a black pope, since every catholic I know is also an old, frustrated racist. Too bad all the African candidates seem to be even more conservative than Benny.
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    House / Techno 2012
  9. Ransbeeck

    Roiling football blather

    Hah, forgot about them. Ligue 1 -PSG.
  10. Ransbeeck

    Roiling football blather

    The list is okay, but a bit inconsistent. They started out ranking by current ability, but halfway down the list they throw in some legendary players and some talents. With the state of modern football, the list should be made up out of players from about 6 teams anyway. It's understandable...
  11. Ransbeeck

    What is the worst thing you've heard this year?

    Cringe. 200000+ views
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    (Post/Neo) Colonial (Lack of) Guilt

    Yeah, for the record, I'm not denying there's widespread racism in the Benelux. It's probably worse here than in any other Western country. But I don't see how a child could associate this: with modern day people of African descent.
  13. Ransbeeck

    (Post/Neo) Colonial (Lack of) Guilt

    The interpretation of his role might have shifted a bit, but I don't think he was ever interpreted as African. My grandparents would never have called a black man black (zwart), they would have said nigger (a word that only started to be considered offensive through the influence of American...
  14. Ransbeeck

    (Post/Neo) Colonial (Lack of) Guilt

    Zwarte Piet is not supposed to be a helper in the sense of a butler or something worse. He's more of a personal assistant to the old, confused man. It's a long time ago, but I don't remember as a kid seeing Zwarte Piet as an African.
  15. Ransbeeck

    Classic House

    Pedro Winter is bringing back the classic house sound. Loving it.
  16. Ransbeeck

    Soundcloud Problem

    I've got the same problem in Opera. Switching to Google Chrome helps for me. I'd love a real solution though, I prefer Opera.
  17. Ransbeeck

    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself
  18. Ransbeeck

    Hurri-quake Week!

    Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but some of these pictures are beautiful. Anyway, good luck, Leo
  19. Ransbeeck

    a conceptual dining experience

    Food's average, but it's presented in fancy cups. Bring your wallet.