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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    haha. you're too quick son
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    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    well it's probably more to do with watching 3 generations of detroit artists and djs who were never able to make a living out of an art form they pioneered. but i know how much the neoliberal popist set hate people with principles
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    2Pac hologram

    gotta be careful can't let the evil of the money trap me so when you see me nigga you better hologram me
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    Producers/Musicians Who Disappear

    gemini so sad
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    Scuba's Personality = Sasha's Expander.

    sick album bet he votes tory
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    Fuck me, I knew you dubstep boys can be pretty craven hero-worshippers at times but fantasising about Zomby being your gf is next level son.
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    House 2011

    this is tune of the year material so thuggish ruggish
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    House 2011

    this is about as real as it gets in 2011
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    javanese >>> balinese
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    Recommend me some Thick/Dense/Molasses sounding ~130BPM Records

    kangding ray "pruitt igoe" chasing voices "acidbathory" emptyset "return"
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    This Mortal Coil/4AD recs

    yup euphoria by insides is in my all time top 5
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    quadrant dub i/ii perfect typhoon music
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    This Mortal Coil/4AD recs

    so fkn sick
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    This Mortal Coil/4AD recs

    if you're digging this mortal coil you should check out the first julee cruise album Floating Into The Night. supposedly lynch and badalamenti were greatly influenced by this mortal coil's cover of "song to the siren" when they were writing the twin peaks music, and lynch had unsuccessfully...
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    This Mortal Coil/4AD recs

    yeah the first cindytalk record is beyond classic (the recent ghost-in-the-laptop ambient stuff on mego is also pretty sublime) one of my favourite 4ad bands, and perhaps the most underrated, is dif juz. understated, unravelling twin guitar instrumentals with major dub inflections. start w/...
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    Orphic Songs

    david sylvian "orpheus"
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    dj screw tapes

    "I've just been pitching down various italo records. Don't think it's a 'thing'." it totally is a 'thing'. or was. check this out for starters then d/l as many vintage daniele badelli/beppe...
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    getting strong saw i/ii vibes from this
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    sophisticated nippon disco with female voices

    miharu koshi "scandal night" (fretless + 808 + cocktail party drama) sandii "zoot kook" (acid filter tweaks + laser noises + understated breathy diva + unbearably beautiful chorus) akiko yano "rose garden" (sounds like a super hyped up gamelan led talking heads with weird pitch shifted vocoder...