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    I finally found this after years of searching. I used to be very interested in Vincent Gallo as a teenager. Anyway, the music is special. Side A, if re-released today, would garner a lot of attention from contemporary noise artists. Side B sounds like proto minimal techno of the basic channel...
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    Hip Hop 09?

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    78s This is amazing, especially the Arabic section. Also on the main page, listen to Les Paul - Whispering
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    80's House & Techno

    80's & 90's House, Techno, Rave Youtubes. Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - Tears - 1989 Why not?
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    Vocal Production Techniques/Appreciation

    A specimen up for analysis and/or appreciation. me u acapella.mp3 - 4.36MB Please share favorites of your own.
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    Lucky Pierre - Aidan Moffat

    A band I know nothing about. I just heard one song, which is here: 1-15 lucky pierre - angels on your body.mp3 - 6.88MB To me it sounds like unabashed preset laziness-- but that's not necessarily negative. The simple sounds and textures, as well as some of the simplistic mixing technique, start...
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    Lucky Pierre - Kevin McMahon discuss the output of this unheralded genius imo. released a record called PRICK on Nothing in '95 with Reznor production, if that triggers any memories. But he's been musically active since the late '70s as part of the CLE: cleveland local...
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    US Pop. 00's

    I am doing this anyway so I might as well share it with you folks. The same as all that 80's RNB stuff appears to me now, I think in 20 years a lot of these will be interesting. This is made by simply taking my local hip hop/rnb/pop station's playlist (which hasn't updated since April 14...
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    80's R'n'B/Electro-soul

    Youtube has become the primary way for me to find old but new-to-me music that I would otherwise have no way of ever knowing about. Being pretty young, this kind of stuff was being made when I was just a toddler. Here's a handful I've found thanks to the tube: Starpoint - Object Of My Desire...
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    Divas 'n Bass

    The tracks I know of which illustrate the sound I'm going for here are 2 Bad Mice - Hold it Down, A Guy Called Gerald - This Is The Right Time, and D'Cruze - Life (Feat. Rachel Wallace)... as well as other Rachel tracks on subbase. Just wondering if anyone could point me to similar tracks...
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    Has anyone heard of Skweee music? My friend stumbled across its existence while searching for a certain kind of electronic hip hop he could only hear in his head... and found something close in this weird Scandinavian hybrid of electro, autechre riddims, 8bit sounds, grime, and perhaps a bit of...
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    Rihanna - Umbrella my word, I love this. those 'ella' syllables when it goes a little bit minor key (guessing). hope there's a version without jay on it
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    Marzipan Marzipan. Anyone hear of this gal? A former dj, she now makes records with guitars, casio toy sampler keyboards, and aquatic dubby sounds.. oh and her understated voice, half berlin chic, half country western minor key balladry, with dash of postpunk sneer. I don't...
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    Off the wall association.

    tricky's "excess", off the Blowback record, as "neo-new pop". eh? listen carefully. being stoned might help, regrettably. it's there.