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  1. Woebot

    obnoxious people

    i don't think there are genuinely obnoxious voices today. or at least if they are there they don't hold the mic. i'm thinking of the likes of johnny rotten or morrissey. these days obnoxiousness is limited to offending people on the other side of culture wars barricade. someone like trump isn't...
  2. Woebot

    being mean and rude because someone is kind and polite

    the oldest tale in the world. such an easy trap to fall into - on both sides being too kind - as well as being too mean... what's the way around it? to just be totally neutral? usually i make a decision - is this person "x" a dog? if they are a dog i kick them - then they are happy. kick...
  3. Woebot

    Feats of Nerdiness

    A twin thread to the feats of autism thread. Have recently discovered this guy's channel on YouTube. Absolutely LOVE his passion and dedication and totally unabashed geekery. Here's two of my favourite videos - both HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Here where he repairs a Wii. MESMERISING. and here...
  4. Woebot

    UK Techno "Lightning Swords of Death" 1989-1995

    it looks to me like a massive field - but that's probably just my perspective - no wider really than the New York Rave thread. so we're talking the scene around: ART/the black dog/B12/nuron/lukeSlater but also aGuyCalledGerald/orbital/babyFord/theHolyGhost/LFO/aphex twin (not TOO much RDJ -...
  5. Woebot

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    is there anyone old enough to have experienced this as a child in the seventies? i remember it making a massive impression on my impressionable mind. as i'm fully aware now it was extremely zeitgeisty - the corruption of children with...
  6. Woebot


    very underrated artist came up thanks to @Leo in the underrated lps thread naturally i am interested in his connection to TM (from the back of from a flower to a garden) but of all the sixties artists his reputation is most cruelly tarnished i always remember joe boyd's embarassment that...
  7. Woebot

    Most underrated LP/albums ever

    no twelve inches/singles - we're talking sustained high-levels of creative consistency i know there's a thread here about all LPs being boring but lets sidestep that avant-lumpen dogma and channel our inner MOJO/UNCUT for me - although it is not exactly a rare LP - the groundhogs "thank christ...
  8. Woebot

    the old internet as psyche

    ok i combed through all the old technology threads and couldn't see anything on this (quite surprisingly) doing the research on retreat i came across those (well-known) ideas about how the computer industry emerged from the lsd scene there's this classic book...
  9. Woebot


    i'll kick this off with some cartoony images of ganesh. very fascinated by the connection between comics, computer games and spirituality. that nexus of devotion - the idea of higher-order beings.
  10. Woebot


    seeing as how it occupies a considerable amount of my thought. best to start what's wrong with it. it's massively confused! - so incredibly antique that its strategies have become almost wholly contradictory. like chinese (indian?) whispers down the ages. my theory is that around 1000 AD it...
  11. Woebot

    Brian Rose

  12. Woebot

    Feats of Autism

    There is an Autism thread (by Nomadologist) but I think this is different There are few marvelous examples which I found here This one really is a majestic sight to behold...
  13. Woebot

    The Greatest Record Cover Auteurs

    while i've been indulging in discogs listmania i've put these together selections of some of my fave record sleeve auteurs of course these catalogues are searchable by Name>Artwork BUT because of the way Discogs is 1) you get lots of stuff that is more like design bread-and-butter work - the...
  14. Woebot

    Reverb and Echo

    a small playlist here. further suggestions below.
  15. Woebot

    We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It

    ok so here's a sister thread to the information society thread i have one of this groups records (like information society who i also own a record by them) gotta say i absolutely LOVE the spirit of these band photos i think it reveals what being in a group - dance act - whatever is really...
  16. Woebot

    The terminal decline of intellectual dance music

    going through my records as i catalogue them for discogs (a process that has been a little like articulating all the thoughts i ever had) the nineties electronica (that's all the electronic music that isn't explicitly dance music - not techno, house, jungle etc) section gave me particular food...
  17. Woebot

    Ian Dury covers for "Do It Yourself"

    Stumbled across this great site: Lovely Barney Bubbles business.
  18. Woebot

    Spiritual Emergency in the 'Nuum 100

    having a birrov fun while i upload my collection to discogs i made this playlist from some of my records which i thought people might enjoy the principle being the contiguous nature of spirituality and mental illness - so states of ecstacy, dreams, mania, visions and visitations, ego collapse...
  19. Woebot

    Anthology Of Reggae Collectors Series

    neither wonderful nor awful UA series of reggae reissues for the american market must have been aimed at ageing white jazz/soul collectors a bit like a poshed-up version of Virgin...