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  1. ifp

    Sleng Teng version excursion

    I did a mix of a few versions of Sleng Teng > <iframe width="480" height="480"...
  2. ifp

    I did a Ragga mix

    It features Ragga and bad mixing. If you like either of those things give it a listen...
  3. ifp

    Delicious bookmarking

    Anyone here use it?
  4. ifp

    Recording vinyl

    Wonder if any of you could help me out. I'm trying to record some vinyl to my pc. I was under the impression that I could just run a cable from my mixer into my pc, but this isn't working. Do I need to get a pre amp? and if I do, could anyone offer a recommendation?
  5. ifp

    Bob Marley on Mare Street

    There used to be a big mural of bob marley on the side of a building on Mare Street, opposite the town hall. Its been covered up for a few years now by a wetherspoons, does anyone know where i can find a photo of it? Google search came up with nothing...
  6. ifp

    RSS readers

    I'm looking for a simple rss reader to read blogs and stuff through. does anyone use rss readers and if so can you recommend me one that isn't too "fussy"?
  7. ifp

    UK Constitutional Reform i'm amazed at this - waiting to find out the catch... any thoughts? what do you think is in need of reform. personally, i'd say PR for voting, but i think that may be going a bit too far...
  8. ifp

    Music as torture / Music as weapon

    I'd imagine most people have read about this before, but its quite an interesting article and goes beyond the more obvious just stating how music has been weaponized Abstract One of the most startling aspects of musical culture in the...