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    Electronic GAS (new desirable instruments)

    my top three audio innovations from berlin superbooth 2019. all made by small teams or just an individual. soma pulsar 23 drum machine (waiting list is now over 1k people!!!) udo super 6. (why anyone hasn’t done this before i don’t...
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    so very pleasing is the new songbird extension for firefox........... play the net - music stores, blogs, search engines etc.. applies the hype machine music player idea as a plugin to a browser.
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    Steve Albini on a poker forum
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    Iggy saved my marriage, Vic Trill saved my life

    dirty & happy
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    'i see no evil' paris guide

    dos & donts learnt from an easter weekend away with the kids at theme park. Dont: Go without ear protection. The high decibel piped acoustics are everywhere and will damage your psyche. Think TV library covers of koyaanisqatsi and lovesick county music, with subliminal i see no evil...
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    Dub Bashment ShutDown!

    Brinsley Forde's (Aswad) Dub Bashment BBC radio show is cut from the schedule. This is the only legal dub/roots show on uk radio. if you love your dub you know what to do:
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    The Weather Makers

    just read this by tim flannery - recommended good introduction on our global thermostat, the science and politics. Broke some myths I had about this subject, seeing I knew nothing previously. Air flight is cooling our planet in the short term, hydrogen as a fuel is not an option due to current...
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    good short films online?

    adolescent psychadelia (fascist knowledge) - http:/ 0_o -- you know other good ones?
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    post-teen/pre mid-life crisis

    I've notices a trend (ok only 2 films) in post adolesence / pre mid-life crisis movies.. i.e. 'laural canyon' & 'sunshine of the spotless mind' [sotsm]. i.e. the pain of not being perfect but normal and lost. (both US indie) anyone name others along this vien? or care to comment on this...
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    biofeedback & concentration

    biofeedback play I just bought a biofeedback device (Wilddivine £100 XP/OSX) mesuring galvnic skin responce and heart rate variability (it mesures variations in crude brain states without electrodes in/on the head i.e. states of relaxation/concentration theta, alpha etc.. as well as...