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    Into the Shade

    The reggae/dub thread got me thinking about how so many genres, often unrelated to each other in geography and time, have mutated to a sparser, brooding, skeletal version of their former selves. Why there and then? how does it reflect on the audience and environment at the time, is it just...
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    Sensual Musical Videos for Corpsey to reach Culmination

    Please share sensual and fulfilling musically guided tantric music to help Corpsey find a more healthy and sustainable approach to his sexuality free of shame and animal porn.
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    Films / Books that simulate psychosis

    Mentions of Cronenberg's "Spider" made me think of films / books that simulate psychosis, not just preesenting it thematically but effectively bringing you into that state of a faulty consciousness. Other examples that come to mind.. Kafka, The Metamorphosis Evelyn Waugh , The Ordeal of...
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    Youtube's weird Algorithm and Machine Learning

    I find it all a bit sinister. This happened the other day Not reflective of my listening habits... was I somehow identified as white and then given these suggestions, was it purely algorithmic? Whatever it is its very weird. Heard a lot of people complain about getting this track constantly...
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    GhosTV - Cocktails, Claps & Steel: Mix for Quest Festival (Vietnam 2016)

    Don't know if I've posted a mix on this forum before, any hope this might brighten up your day :D A mix I did for the lovely Quest Festival held in North Vietnam, keeping things bright and tropical!
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    Post-punk Mixtapes/montages

    Don't know anything about this really, just wondering if people have got some recommendations, looking for stuff similar to Throbbing Gristle - Nice Tracks, XX- century Zoro - Cote D'Azur, art-wave weird tape cutups and montages of music/ samples. I have a feeling there is alot similar more out...
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    Is music getting more miserable?

    Im talking pure genuine happiness, nothing to do with euphoric rave, just happy music. I think it all sounds pretty miserable or atleast hedonistic/based on desire. Not that im against it in anyway, but I decided today it is a thing, Discuss.
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    I am a chilli lover, I'm guessing dissensus harbours one or two! Lets get your recs for chilli related antics, sauces, growing etc. you guys are really lucky cause to start the thread I am going to give you the recipe for probably the greatest chilli oil known to man. People have got...
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    Essentialism in Art & Music, Authenticity

    Saw quite a good TED talk on the idea of Essentialism in relation to how we enjoy things, not a term i've heard before. You can watch it here But hes basically talking about how we are predisposed to percieve things as having...
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    Street Summer - Channel 4

    only watched "The Life of Rhyme" so far but thought it was really well done, especially liked the relationship made between jamaican patois intonations and the rhythms of MCing in UK (and I guess jamaican music in general). Really great selection of MC's being interviewd doing verses aswell.
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    Anonymous Taking Down Facebook

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    Reliable Film Review/Blog Websites

    anyone know of some good ones? imdb & RT are useless.
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    Organizing your Music (Non i-Tunes users)

    I need to do it because I'm either always forgetting about stuff, or not remembering what its called which is frustrating!. I hate iTunes and windows media libraries though and I have a mortal fear of trying to categorize it all (I can see things getting as lost and forgotten in distinct...
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    "Boom cheBoom Cha"

    Kwaito/Kuduro/Soca etc Rhythm Anyone know about where this rhythm originated? I know Soca was influenced from Indian instruments and rhythms combined with Calypso but I guess its as likely to have come from Africa also (origins of kwaito and kuduro). I'm guessing UK funkys influence is from...
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    Would be interested to hear how conscious of mirroring people here are. Most commonly noticed when drinking pints or any beverage with friends, also smoking cigarettes. I notice that people will smoke a drag mirroring drinking also. See it with eating sometimes but to a lesser extent. There's...
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    "Exit Through The Gift Shop"

    Coming out 5th March, anyone seen it? Seems like it might be pretty good (depending on whether you like/dislike him, think Banksys a overated overhpyed prick or anywhere inbetween or just indifferent..)
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    Weird world of MaxMSP/PD etc geekary

    weird world of MaxMSP/PD etc geekary Anyone here interested in Max and similar things? After doing a short module on the basics of it (allthough excepting I probably havn't got the head to do anything really interesting with it) been enjoying seeing all the ways people having been applying...
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    The Future

    Only ebooks with those little tablet computer things, no real books, no newspapers. All creative output viewed (or listen to whilst viewing) an LCD screen with no physical value. The only things of value are new gadgets, electrical equipment, with tools you never realised you needed or wanted...
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    does anyone else have a love for the 303? maybe something about the terrestrial/organic (i know a bit of a cliché) & the constantly changing nature of the sound but it definitely has an effect for me. What are your favorite uses/references? Heres some of my favorite of relativity recent uses...