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    discotechnic: art & architecture of nightlife

    Thanks Leo! - yeah was planning a post on Berghain, have some pics from an article in a sound magazine but again they're of the club empty - tricky to get photos of it occupied what with that no photo rule...
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    discotechnic: art & architecture of nightlife

    Hi there, excuse the near spam, I've recently revived this blog I intermittently post up which is mainly visual and concerned with the design of nightclubs primarily although any aspects of art & design relating to music & dancing come into the equation it's here:
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    The End is closing

    intriguing! - Does anyone know any more about this? I guess whoever bought the site to redevelop as luxury residential must be feeling their pants around their ankles right now
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    Where is Kodwo?

    Kodwo was doing an intro talk at a screening of 'Los Angeles Plays Itself' at the Barbican a month or so ago but he didn't make it in time to speak before the film so he spoke at the end. Unfortunately because the film is very long almost everone was leaving the cinema while he started his...
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    think it was indeed - thanks mate
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    well you know, we try...! cheers, wasn't aware of that film - will def. check it out
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    I have a copy of an English situationist pamphlet, called 'Revolutionary Theory for Beginners,' with texts by Nadine Bloch, Joel Cornuault and Jean Peres - it's compiled by Nick Brandt I'm going to scan it and can post it here if anyone's interested also there is or was a situationist archive...
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    Has everything to do with the SI really I think, Bey (a pseudonym of Peter Lamborn-Wilson I believe,) Baudrillard, Semiotexte (who published Bey) are all very much post-SI thanks for the links in this thread everyone, as a long-time student of the teachings of Debord/Vaneigem/Chtcheglov/Jorn/&...
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    UK JA dancehall mix from a while back

    thanks ever so much, hoped it would still be online somewhere but had forgotten the details, even with such a snappy title - downloading now and very much looking fwd to blasting it out again as the days get longer
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    UK JA dancehall mix from a while back

    Hi there, been away from this forum for a good while so apologies for crashing back in with a request but... There was a mix posted up here a few years ago by I think Paul Meme & John Eden though I might be mistaken - it was a sort of Jamaica/London soundclash of 80s dancehall and one track I...
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    ace, i'll def try and make it along - saw milanese once at a wang du at the dungeons - very good
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    Mel and Kim

    77 glad to widen the one-way street to accept two-way traffic ;)
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    BPI seeks A&R tax breaks

    what about all the money A&Rs spend on plying bands/artists with drugs and alcohol - do they want tax breaks for that? Or am I just buying into a myth as an industry outsider :slanted:
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    Mel and Kim
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    Mel and Kim

    'down by the docks' is the one you need - underground gay disco classic (for fairly obvious reasons apart from it being a great dance track) - can post an mp3 if you like
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    1970s LA Rarities

    dark star, from the CSN 3 LP - balearic disco rock heaven - not rare but great also quite like the first track on their 80s LP Daylight Again called 'Turn your back on love', nice sequenced synth with the trademark vocal harmonies
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    Leica M8 goes digital

    want one already! doesn't say how expensive it's gonna be :slanted:
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    (visual) artists making music

    quite liked his sound system installations and a film installation I saw of his at the whitechapel really liked the film 'fiorucci made me hardcore' haven't heard any straight up audio from him tho - any good?
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    identity crisis

    thanks sufi and john for the spot on suggestion - sort of like the sunglasses icon you get for a while on ebay if you change your account name :cool: feels good to have shed my old skin and seems like a few others needed the identity update too now got to get to work on that old avatar...
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    identity crisis

    cheers autonomic & sufi for the offer of assistance - I'd like the alias 'xero' if possible