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    discotechnic: art & architecture of nightlife

    Hi there, excuse the near spam, I've recently revived this blog I intermittently post up which is mainly visual and concerned with the design of nightclubs primarily although any aspects of art & design relating to music & dancing come into the equation it's here:
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    UK JA dancehall mix from a while back

    Hi there, been away from this forum for a good while so apologies for crashing back in with a request but... There was a mix posted up here a few years ago by I think Paul Meme & John Eden though I might be mistaken - it was a sort of Jamaica/London soundclash of 80s dancehall and one track I...
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    identity crisis

    This is intended for matt if he's around or any other admins: I have just returned to the board after being away and ill for a few months & would like to change my user name without creating a new user altogether The main reason for this is that my user name is also the name of a collaborative...
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    capturing streaming audio

    sorry, i know this has been discussed before but I guess the thread has been archived or something I've just moved over from mac to pc and need to find a good equivalent of audio hijack for the mac, ie something that will record streaming audio and audio output from other applications (dvd...
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    help - mac nightmare!

    i just used font book for the first time on osx 10.3 and just brought in a few new fonts - now there is some problem with one of the fonts which just displays special characters instead of normal letters - look what it does to dissensus people's names frinstance - this happens on some web pages...
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    vinyl digitisation

    can anyone recommend the most painless way of recording from vinyl to hard disk on macs? In particular a way of splitting albums into individual tracks without too much fiddling around manually chopping and saving bits would be good, as would the option to create mp3s as well as aiffs - any...
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    dissensus attachments

    can't seem to upload more than 39.1k without getting an error - some of the pictures uploades in various threads look bigger - is there a way around?
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    chicago / acid site

    can anyone help me out, I found this site about a year ago, think it had acid house in the title somewhere and it was a large archive of real audio clips of early chicago house & acid tracks etc., all in a database with label scans etc. I remember it had fairly basic graphics with lots of...
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    good cover art thread

    ok this isn't exactly obscure and the album itself isn't supposed to be all that (I haven't heard it) but I think this stands out amongst recent fare: simple but catches your attention like nothing else. Trevor Jackson's finest moment?