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    Advance Wars: Dual Strike

    anyone else play this game on nintendo DS? its so ridiculously addictive....
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    BROKEN BEAT - breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    well I thought I'll start this one even though I don't know the major players and so on but yeah lets go... well I see Co-Op's on Sunday - does anyone know if it has a dress code or whatever? also when exactly are Bugz In Da Attic coming out with the debut LP?
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    Portishead 'Dummy' - has it aged well?

    in light of that dude/him/shim/im not sure winning the Mercury last night I thought I'll bring up a old winner (I think)..... I was listening to it today nodding my head severly but then wondered at some tracks whether they had aged well cos I know some peeps be looking pon this LP as a...
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    Later With Jools Holland - your favourite memories

    Mans was just going through my old tapes when I realised how many tapes of this show I actually have. I sat down and just thought of all the classic episodes I have taped (Muse, The Smashing Pumpkins) and the ones I didn't (the Six. By Seven one comes to my memory followed by tears)... Enough...
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    Kanye West - Late Registration

    Soooooooooooooooooo what's the Dissensus opinion? Me? Im like the brotha is borderline genius....but that's me? You?
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    'The Empire Pays Back' on Channel 4 -RIGHT NOW!

    'The Empire Pays Back' on Channel 4 - 15/08/05 Well £7.5 trillion, England? Make the cheque out to....... lol we all know thats not gonna happen but still im a firm believer in reparations. I'll still make people hear about it when they don't want to 'cos it CANNOT be forgotten. Anyone else...
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    My tune of the day - 05/08/05 (come and listen!)

    was travelling home on the bus in this accursed city they call London slumped on the 266. When this came on my MP3 player. - 'The Way I Feel Today' by Six. By Seven off of the LP of the same name. Not only did I bolt upright, I felt like I had the power to...
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    Is it possible to walk past someone pon road who you 'speak' to online?

    obviously if said person was in the same city and country as 'you'. Is it possible? Just a thought.
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    Blogspot as a music promotional tool?!?

    I stumbled upon this while twiddling my net thumbs: and noticed the blogspot address at the bottom: its interesting that ppl are now realising how the public want to know more and get more involved with...
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    Ahh s***....Six By. Seven (R.I.P) - read it and weep sports fans.... MAN....good music never makes it to the top....never does....I told a friend jus now and she said "who?" to which I replied "exactly""....I feel like dropping a tear seriously and I don't cry often.... Six By. Seven (R.I.P - the...
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    Did my post get deleted?

    and if so for what reason....
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    *BREAKBEAT PRODUCTIONS* proudly presents....

    *******************THE FREE E.P VOL 1********************** Yup! This thread is jus to inform everyone that our first release is OUT NOW and won't cost a penny! All you have to do is click on the soundclick page in my sig and download the first four tracks. It's that easy! Four free...
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    Who knows about Six. By Seven?

    I've been listening to this band ever since I heard 'European Me' in 1997 on the Evening Session (then fronted by the living legend that is Steve Lamacq) and have followed them ever since....well I have slipped a lil' recently but im still a listener.... before I continue with various fanboy...
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    Can someone tell me where to find the Terrah vs Skepta D.T.I remix?

    I know its old but I've been looking for this for so long but just can't find it. Can someone tell me where to get a copy or (and I don't like typing this but im desperate!!!!) can someone hook me up with a MP3? I NEED THIS TUNE IN MY...
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    Kano Reveals Details of Debut LP (pitchfork swipe)

    Rising grime star Kano is set to drop his debut album, Home Sweet Home, June 20 on 679 Recordings. Kano has come to fame through a few singles as well as a number of appearances on Vice's Run the Road and various mixtapes. The single "Typical Me" was released in the UK in February, and a new...
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    Dexplixit on Richie 'Vibe' Vee on 1Xtra (11/05/05) ---- theres the link His part starts from around 1hr:35mins and ends around 2hr:26mins....interesting show.....he's suffering a bit from bootleggers but is doing remix work for The Prodigy and some of you guys current fave...
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    The NEW Rinse schedule!!!! - go to schedule im actually feelin this timetable...seems like a major overhaul and im certain a certain Friday night act shouldn't be on there.... Im gonna try and be tuned in a whole lot more if they FIX UP THE FRIGGIN WEBSTREAM lol.... What do you guys think?
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    What happened to these bands?

    I was jus looking through my CD collection last night and im needing to hear more stuff from these guys. WHERE HAVE THEY GONE? If anyone can help with info please do: Rival Schools (U.S) My Vitriol (U.K) Dark Star (U.K) Cay (U.K) Magoo (U.K) Brassy (U.S/U.K) Urusei Yatsura (U.K) Electric...
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    Anyone else having trouble with the RINSE FM webstream?

    I cant tune in. Logan, if your around tell them to fix up and look sharp cos I wanna hear Target have 20 mins.... Anyone else having this trouble?
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    Is anyone in Grime/NUKG/Garage actually making any money?

    I mean seriously - I mean apparently average vinyl sales are 500 - that aint really something that sounds ready for crossover imo. This is jus a thought so if anyone can offer anything else please do so. Its jus too many of these guys are always talking about p's but then I find out there still...