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    What do you all think of this vintage 70s disco shirt? My fashion-obsessed girlfriend thinks it's a bit musty, but I'm thinking of picking it up anyway! The outlay would get me a quality made-to-measure shirt, so I'm kind of sitting on the fence still.
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    My brother, who works at a well-known consultant firm, recently told me that the situation at his company's Mexico City branch is getting so perilous that they have a hard time recruiting international talent. Apparently, one of the senior partners had had her children kidnapped and held for...
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    Is Dissensus Learning?

    Funny thing this thread should pop up now, what with Blissblog’s recent linking to Michelangelo Matos’ linking to Walter Kirn’s most excellent piece in the Atlantic (or possibly some other convoluted way around ...). Anyway, it’s called “The Autumn of the Multitaskers,” and all you ADD...
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    The accents thread

    I think of my accent as old-line General American with an inkling of RP (e.g. I say “prIvacy” rather than “prAIvacy,” “SCHedule” instead of “sKedule,” “DArby” in place of “DErby,” and so forth — a remnant of being drilled in RP at school). “Old school” since it doesn’t have the valley-girly...
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    The Myth of the Noble Mob Leader

    So LA Times reports on the ongoing drug war in Tijuana, Mexico. By all accounts, it’s a sanguine affair, with beheadings, involuntary acid baths and wanton killings the rule of the day. Reading the article, what strikes me the most is the way in which the supposed mob leader – one Teodoro...
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    An actual take-no-prisoners peeping Tom! Any ground for alarm?

    To paraphrase “the Messiah”: assessing his mental status is above my pay-grade. ;) I think we do have stalking laws – well, I know we do – but you mostly get to hear about them when some disgruntled wifebeater takes “poetic licence” on his ex’s body, mostly by way of slaying her ... :( Generally...
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    Funny that – as I study Portuguese and feel similarly about Romance languages. (Swedish is Germanic, of course.) Anyway, as for Martin’s question on whether a non-native speaker can ever reach such levels of fluency as to engage meaningfully with the culture of his or her language of choice. I...
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    Yes, the method outlined there is the most sensible I’ve encountered so far. I particularly concur with professor Arguelles’ views on pronunciation – the truest summary I have ever seen:
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    It’s already here! It started at least a year ago. H&M’s s/s collection – that is, what has leaked from it – looks pretty colourful too. I kind of like the pink pants, and the jacket at the bottom could prove a winner.
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    Some tidbits from Tom Ford’s SS/09 collection: Thoughts? I like the colourfulness the most. I also like how the wide lapels make an interesting contrast to the slim fit. Actually, it works surprisingly well! (Swears’ Topman jacket above is a good example of a less daring, more typically...
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    daily schedules and routines

    Charles Darwin’s: [Via Daily Routines, of which I’m sure some of you have heard. It features the daily routines of countless luminaries.]
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    Hot Old Skool Babes

    Didn’t know Possession had such a following round here! I absolutely love it too! Especially how it transmogrifies from the most true-to-reality jealousy drama ever (some people think they overact, but I find the acting 100% plausible) into a slash movie. And, YES, Adjani is stunning! The clip...
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    An actual take-no-prisoners peeping Tom! Any ground for alarm?

    Thanks for the advice. A restraining order would be nice, but since they don’t know who he is, it may prove a bit difficult getting one. Getting permission for setting up a surveillance camera is similarly troublesome, a permission for which being much harder to obtain than in a country like...
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    An actual take-no-prisoners peeping Tom! Any ground for alarm?

    Rumour had it our neighbourhood had one on its hands last fall. It was all hearsay, though. A friend of a friend of a friend ... Turns out the grapevine was right! See, a couple of days ago, my next-door neighbours – two darling co-eds! – were just about to go to bed when they made a grisly...
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    What is your political leaning/compass test.

    Yellow-belly! :)
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    Liberal Creationism, or: Yippee, It’s Bell-Curve Time Again!

    Yes, that’s quite a gaffe. Still, his argument is solid and one that some were making here earlier. That being that a modern racist, perhaps, is a person who stubbornly clings (:p) to racial/genetical explanations where sociocultural ones would seem vastly more appropriate, and not simply one...
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    Liberal Creationism, or: Yippee, It’s Bell-Curve Time Again!

    Part 5 (or is it 6? w/e ;)): Not Black and White Bottom line: he’s repentant despite not wanting to disavow his previous assertions. That’s my man Saletan: always hedging his bets! :cool:
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    Dissensus Cassette Swap: Third Time Lucky

    Hey, I’m in the midst of reviewing your mix, actually! That is, if by “reviewing” you mean “listening to”, and if by “listening to” you mean “the occasional play every other month or so.” It should be in before summer, along with a download link to a 320kbit rip of the whole glory and a cover scan.
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    censorship on dissensus: the disappearance of the confessions thread

    Great thread peeps! Padraig/HMLT was/is a man of great intelligence and integrity, and I sorely regret his departure. [^^^ Sincerely.]
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    The next generation

    A very good idea, actually.