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    best needles / cartridges

    what do you reckon more for playback and mixing no fancy scratching business, needs to be able to handle bass. i need some i am the great distortio.
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    R.I.P: Rammellzee

    what's the deal with all this death stuff?
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    malcom mclaren rip rum old cove dies
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    clothes - dyeing a shirt

    i have a bright blue shirt and i'd like to dye it black -what colour do i need, obv using black would send it a weird colour, it's boiler suit blue that colour. anyone good at this colour wheel stuff?
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    dune exhibition - moebius / jodoworsky looks dead innerestin.
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    Favorite Homemade Youtube pop videos

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    Euphoria and Drama in dance music

    This is a series of rambling half baked questions really, the idea Euphoria in dance music seems to be an increasingly retroactive, for example thinking of that joy orbison track, the euphoria which is the key great thing in that track is made of things that were euphoric 20 years ago in dance...
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    oasis split thank fuck for that

    jesus christ didn't they go on and on and on and on and on and on?
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    best cdrs dvdrs for burning onto

    can you chaps reccomend, i'm finding the cdrs and dvdrs i use to be shit... they just get damaged so quick!
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    warp vote for your top 10 compilation

    rather nice idea: for warps 20th anniversary.
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    Jungle track id

    sample that goes original badboy soundsoundsoundsoundsoundsound over an immense reese bassline, echoey 'shadows' esque guitar chords, and a couple samples from radio babylon by meat beat manifesto, killer, i've got a white label, i think it's a well known tune but what is it?
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    tony hart rip

    i know this isn't strictly music but since tony hart died, i just want to remind everyone how amazing the original music for the gallery was, as well as the credits and the music for that: check the fonts...
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    wire letters page - joe muggs

    hey anyone seen joe muggs letter in the wire, bringing into question the whole reynolds numm thing? well argued i think.
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    Crack Rap

    Someone told me an interesting story, they went to a studio in detroit and the guy there records hip hop, apparently he gets alot of crack dealers going in to record music, as its a way of justifying their earnings if they're caught, if they say they've recorded and released. Apparently you...
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    chicken licken visual language etc

    i had a book chicken licken when i was a kid that had this weird visual language, two pictures to make up a word, images instead of words to read, is there a word for that sort of tihng, its used alot in quizzes as well.
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    garage tune / grime tune id

    dark tune, late garage i've got it on white label with just the words 'soundboy' scrawled on it, can't remember for the life of it it is... track has a sample that goes 'whole lot of sound boy them a buff up their chest and gwan like they wear a bullet proof vest' wicked tune with a massive b...
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    I went to this on friday, did anyone else? they played alot of hip hop a good first hour of ghostface killer tracks which was great, then some dancehall, hyphy which was excellent to hear, etc, i don't know if they played much dancehall there was a bit of dubstep, i left around 2 - it was quite...
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    Bash - back

    tomorrow night apparently at plastic people, thats a nice suprise, i'll try and make that. THE BUG LOEFAH MORGAN ZARATE + SPECIAL GUESTS dunno what the damage is - 10 till 3 ....
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    more ebay goodies

    more to come in the next few days too. check my signature