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  1. craner

    Great Dissensus Names

    I just noticed that we have a member called Evil Archaeology. That's an intriguing name! We used to have Kate Mossad. We also have Arthur Brick and Craner. What other great Dissensus names are there?
  2. craner

    SMOOTH JAZZ with the "sickest, most insane sonics"

    Like the Quai's bassist...
  3. craner


    I fancy a holiday to Greece next year. Check out the islands, the history, enjoy the weather, the lovely music and fantastic people. Any recommendations?
  4. craner

    Job Interviews

    I have one of these on Friday. I hate them. Anybody got any good stories, tips, preparation strategies, methods for coping, etc. to share to make me feel a bit better about it?
  5. craner


    What do you think? Is it true? Is 5G a disruptive, game-changing moment? Who can educate me about this, or has an opinion?
  6. craner

    Love Island

    Only joking.
  7. craner

    The Western Canon (or) Monoculture

    Should it exist? Is it right? What does it mean? If it is junked, what does that mean for aesthetic and moral values? Does civilisation fall? Should it? Does it exist? Etc.
  8. craner

    Killah Priest classics

    Love this guy. I have so many to share, but maybe you do too. My first: So cosmic. And from throwaway mixtape
  9. craner

    Speed Garage

    Listening to this in the car has reignited my interest in this slim piece of time (97-8?). Speed garage sounds very evocative now and definitely a London thing. I think it's aged pretty well. What is striking though is that a lot of the speed garage guys had a very short productive period -...
  10. craner

    DOOM, or The Official 2016 US Election Thread

    So, I've got next week off, and will be watching this until the bitter end, or until I pass out surrounded by empty bottles and an over-spilling ash tray. It's almost here folks. The end of the World as we know it. This is the thread for the build-up, real-time election night gossip and gasps...
  11. craner

    Euro Film Music

    I just got this swell compilation called Our Man in Rome, a set of scores and songs from the 1960s Italian spy movie cycle. It’s a prequel to the brilliant Sexy Voices CD which I got ten years ago from the sadly deceased Movie Grooves website and which could often be heard wafting through the...
  12. craner

    Rock's Back Pages

    Is this a bargain, or an annoying rip-off? I'm occasionally tempted to pay the £55 for 3 months so I can gorge on early Penman and Morley album reviews. But...£55?? I could buy a bunch of books for that.
  13. craner

    Teeth Dread

    The last few visits to the dentist have been a bit worrying. I've been paying for private dental checks for years, without any problems. I have never had a filling in my life, my teeth are still long and strong. Year in year out, my dentist gives me a clean bill of health, the hygienist gives...
  14. craner


    Pivotal year. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> General Levy = Booyaka! Simon Mayo = Porridge-faced twat.
  15. craner

    Buying A House

    This is going to be a very boring thread for a lot of people, but... Has anybody ever brought a house? I am in the advanced stages of thinking about buying a house. I have locations and prices in mind. I (sort of) understand mortgages. I'm not entirely sure how to choose one. Or do the sums...
  16. craner

    Lovers Rock

    I really like this stuff -- because I'm secretly soppy, and I don't smoke marijuana. However, I know next to nothing about it. Any recommendations?
  17. craner


    Can anybody send me or help me with or point me to info on working out percentages and ratios? I can't do ratios at all*; but I can do basic percentage sums, but I can't do trickier stuff, so I feel like I must be missing the point of my sums. * I mean, I can read and apply them, obviously...
  18. craner

    Cold War Films

    I got transfixed by homoerotic cop buddy binge Red Heat on ITV4 last night. In this thread could you please recommend Cold War-related films for me to watch.
  19. craner

    Increasing Physical Energy Levels

    How can I do this?
  20. craner


    Does anybody (still) work in the magazine world? Not, like, online magazines, but actual, tactile, living-in-your-hands MAGS? The racks are still full and Conde Nast still stands tall and spans oceans but, still, it seems deflated, all the air let out. Or am I wrong? What are the best magazines...