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    Islamic state of Hardcore terror (1960-2019)

    a new compillation from yours truly, this will have your morning listening sorted. sadly i don't have a tape recorder to make a tape, but after covid i might. corpsey, Luke, Barty, give it a wirl.
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    the mafia casino king aesthetic

    the new roadmap for the dissensus crew. living it large is overrated unless you can really, really live it large and butter up your opponents.
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    the worst record in the world

    it has to be this, surely?
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    RIP Mike Huckaby

    Just announced on ghostly international's twitter. Deep house is something I dabble in more than keep up with actively but i always loved this detroit OG and the minimal yet detailed late night grooves he would construct. a heavy soulfulness which would drag you in for sure. more for the...
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    floating points must be euthanised

    people actually enjoy this? sounds like what my classical teacher in year 9 music would have given top marks for. even when the techno bit comes in towards the end of the first track it sounds totally deprived of all rawnchy filth.
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    corpse do u like this
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    A deranged C120 discovered and restored in mysterious circumstances. no info on the tape apart from the tracklist and the war exhortation: 'out to the conspiracy of equals. Big up ya chest. Your time!' tracklist: the sleeper has awakened...
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    streaming some tunes, probably on for a few hours...
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    this is house music
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    corpsey's Nietzschean pop songs top 10

    Go on then clever cloggs. Take it away. don't want me to start telling everyone where your cabinet of dominic cummings fist fuck VHS tapes are now. give us the eternal return apollo and dionysus and transvaluation in 4 verses.
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    in defence of the piano

    cos it isn't all secondary school parents getting their children to impress other and make a mockery of themselves or girlboss showoffs in year 11 assembly.
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    autonomic/halftime/nuum space pixies

    some of it is really dull but some of it is far preferable to kuido or whoever, the right amount of melodic synth texture over stepper rhythms. melodic dub fast techno/dnb crossover, if you will. huge...
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    the atomisation of interest

    alright this is my ham-fisted roundabout way of apologising i guess. to Luke, Barty and others I think i get the frustration. one can often retreat into their own virtual online world (which tends not to pay heed to real world concrete developments within interactions, doubly so if you are not...
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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    get into some new music then rather than lamenting the future. we've had the same fucking thread for 3 years. don't make me do a John Sitton Laten Orient 95 dressing room talk. Put in the effort!
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    radio 2020

    what's good? I don't want dat tape machine playlists, I want a show with chat, and not the shy corporate kind. preferably in the hardcore eclecticist style, but not eclecticism, if you know what I mean. so some spanish rhythmic noise into Idris Muhammad into Plaid = good, a funk track into an...
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    scenes as musical universes

    recently ive been thinking about what attracted me to jungle obviously wasn't (not directly at least) the shock of the new, which in any case would not make much sense outside of my own consciousness, (as in, jungle would probably have given the kids in my school the shock of the new, but it...
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    bloody depressed

    yes yes mr tea can laugh at me if he likes :crylarf: but I am lamentably human as well. been like this forever and taking walks/getting fresh air just seems to make it 10x worse. don't really have mates left anymore, not after i was sectioned. not sure what to do about it.
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    I am not a communist

    and yet, somehow, I am one of few extant rock solid communists.
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    The Beatles vs Omar Khorshid

    oh fuck my stupid brain not in the mood. how do i delete this lol.
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    I hate music

    sometimes. sometimes any kind of intensity is a headache (you've gone through emotional states most of your love island watching coworkers don't nearly experience as much in rapid succession) and you just want impenetrable coldness (note: not evil or bad ass) just totally (emotionally though not...