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    Carl Craigs recent music

    Yeah. Don't rate it at all though. This is what I wrote about it on another thread here recently: Carl Craig on the other hand is really hit and miss with me. All of his recent remixes have left me cold (except maybe the R & S one). His Sessions mix disappointed no end, which is no surprise I...
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    R+S split up?

    Interested in hearing pretty much anything Moritz Von Oswald does. I think his mix of Sebbo's Watamu Beach is the best thing he's done in quite a while. It really is sublime. And bearing in mind the title of the track, it really does sound like it rolls down the beach for the first half and ends...
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    Robert Hood fabric Mix

    Matthew Dear (as Audion)'s one is still my favourite. It's dark, deep and weirdly funky and really cohesive as a mix. Nothing like what Hood is doing but a million miles from the "cheesy/disco/house with vocals" you want to avoid. Don't think it got or gets a lot of love but I highly recommend it.
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    Portishead 3rd

    I really like this and I've never been a Portishead fan. I love the way Silence just disappears at exactly the wrong time. Really unsettling. It's maybe my favourite track too. Yeah it's massive. That deep, deep bass that drops in the latter half reminds me of some of Pan Sonic's more...
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    Stanley knives and cutting up vinyl

    Yeah just a tad OTT I think...
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    Stanley knives and cutting up vinyl

    Thomas Brinkmann's Klick is what you're after:
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    autechre - quaristice (2008)

    They've remembered this time around. You should try it.
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    autechre - quaristice (2008)

    I'm really in to this right now. I've probably listened to it more over the last couple of weeks than I have the last few albums over the last few years combined. My favourite is paralel Suns which is just stunning. There's a contemplative, distant beauty in it which is incredibly affecting...
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    Newish House/Techno LP's I should own

    A lot of talk about Bruno Pronsato's new album which I've yet to hear. Found this: yesterday however which is a live set of his recorded on Xmas day last in the Harry Klein club in Munich. Really liking...
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    Newish House/Techno LP's I should own

    A 30ish minute promo mix of it has:
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    Jeff Mills

    2 Shake sets (and a ton of other shit) here:
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    Kraftwerk doc on Radio 4 right now

    Have never used the BBC site for this type of stuff but if it does require you to use Real Player and you'd rather not, use Real Alternative:
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    Newish House/Techno LP's I should own

    Yeah! Fun! Ky! Can't wait to hear it loud when I get home :D Oh and is that a Pink (:eek:) sample on Coming Up? The Aaron Carl sampling In The Sprit from the preceeding 12" is cool too. House music indeed.
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    Burning cds without any *any* gaps between tracks

    The Advanced>Join CD tracks option is just for ripping cds as a whole. And the Preferences>Advanced>Burning>Gaps between songs>None is already set. Does the latter work for you? Beginning to think there's a problem with my drive or perhaps the shitty Tescos CDRs I have. Need to keep looking...
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    Burning cds without any *any* gaps between tracks

    Right I'm losing it :mad: How in the fuck can I burn e.g. a mix cd ripped as individual tracks to a cd without any gaps, so that the burned copy plays as smoothly as the original? All the info I've found on the web so far indicates that this is not possible, due to the nature of mp3 files...
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    Advice on some Korg KAOSS gear

    Thanks for the advice people. Wasn't aware of the whole send / return concept or indeed the Pioneer effects unit, so need to do some more thinking before I commit. Appreciate it.
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    Advice on some Korg KAOSS gear

    Looking for some advice on the following. I've a basic decks and mixer setup at home at the moment which I'm looking at jazzing up with one of the following: Korg's KM-202 Mixer (with integrated KAOSS Pad): or Korg's KP2 KAOSS...
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    Info on global Google searches

    Try this:
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    Burial "Untrue"

    Few lo-fi minutes available now on Boomkat:
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    Completely bonkers physics spam

    Cool! :cool: