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    Being nice and having love

    It was my fault for checking the forum really, but I saw a user post something the other day saying that Luke’s been routinely, overtly unkind on this forum and it’s wound me up a bit. It’s a myth that’s become dogma to a narrow but persistently vocal section of users and, as I said before...
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    Mixed Emtotions

    This genuinely isn't passive aggressive. Obviously there's been a bit of a fracas that inspired this, but it's an interesting conversation. on dissensus at least i can think of a couple of times where the acknowledgement of humans having conflicting emotions and instincts being deemed as...
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    Has YouTube Gone Mad?

    I always browse incognito, meaning that every time i go onto the internet, i'm starting fresh. nothing's tailored to me. yesterday every single advert i got on youtube was a masterclasses one. every single one (the timbaland one looked wicked as it happens). and without exaggeration that was...
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    Not the Freudian ego, i mean "you've got such a big ego". its almost always used derogatorily. its a bit of a dirty word. but... there's a lot to be said for it. on a personal level so much of my enjoyment of life stems from my ego. people may not like to say it, but ego is arguably the main...
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    The Other Transcendence

    Proper transcendent beauty. But remarkably it's emotionally very- grounded might be the wrong word- but relatable. It’s an interesting, very familiar, very warm, very intimate incarnation of the otherworldly. It’s clearly speaking to a higher state, it’s not of the everyday, but it’s not by...
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    Sad heartbroken afrobeats and sad dancehall full of longing
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    Ask me to make you a track

    what would you like?
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    Most disappointing songs you've ever heard.

    they've got great bits into them and then something completely awful in that fucks it up.
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    The aesthetics of ideology

    playing around with the idea that ideologies are really just manifestations of someone's aesthetic sensibilities. caroline lucas is green and just so happens to have a quirky short hair cut and the soft spoken voice of a willow tree. trump is an authoritarian and just happens to have a...
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    Your Life Story in 10 Songs

    Your Life Story in 10 Songs
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    Deep House and Garage

    no, i'm not promoting an essex club night. me and luke were once on small doses of mdma, and we were really hungering for this kind of stuff but neither of us new any of it. we said that we were going to ask you lot. the time has come. nice lush, sunny, sensual, sexy deep house and garage...
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    Music Similar To 808 State's 'NewBuild' Album
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    Dissensus' Top 16 Songs of All Time

    In ascending order of votes:
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    Get Off Stops

    You’ll follow a lineage, a genre, a scene and then at some point you get off. What are those things and how do they happen? Luke says skinny jeans are a major one for him. Dissensus by and large hopped off London music when it stopped being dance music I’d say. I’d imagine there are...
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    The Dissensus Canon

    People post songs. Users do the “ta” button on the ones they like and the ones with lots of ta’s become canon.
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    RnB Singers Voices

    Just their voices. Not their songs. Just the voices themselves. Which are you favourites? How do they sound? What do they do to you?
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    Thirdform’s jazz jams

    What are some great jazz jams third? I’ve seen him recommend mid-60’s joe Henderson and 70’s McCoy tyner, so he’s got impeccable taste. Post some of the best third. Anything you want; Cecil Taylor, 70’s Miles, the lot. Blow our brains third.
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    Early 2000's video games

    I got an xbox for my 8th birthday and a drum kit for my 10th so i have an incredibly narrow window of being a game enthusiast. can i muster version and corpsey to wallow in a niche nostalgia with me? halo, timesplitters 2, ssx tricky, splinter cell, rainbow six 3, manhunt, star wars...
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    Sci Fi and Magic

    this has been a dyad lurking implicitly in the subconscious of a lot of threads for a long time; the bladerunner jungle stuff, communist music reviews, arguably even michael jackson vs princess. you’ve got to have the gods and magic with the sci fi. the matrix has all the computers but it also...