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  1. IdleRich


    I like trains. The most exciting and romantic method of travel. I love stations in the middle of Europe (or even in London in fact) where you can stand and feel something of the magic of countless destinations (and arrivals too giving then an international flavour), to the far East or just to a...
  2. IdleRich

    Deeper Into Movies with guest curator Black Glove (right now Friday evening until midnight)

    There's this guy I know called Vadim Kosmos - I've never been able to get his real name out of him - who used to work in that comic shop with a Batman thing outside it in the west end, then he was managing that weird place called The Last Tuesday Society in Hackney. Anyway, he has very serious...
  3. IdleRich

    Idle Rich soundtrack special on Threads* Radio at 1700 Thurs

    I'm doing our monthly show on Threads* Radio alone this month cos Liza is away, it's all soundtracks - musicals, tv shows, bollywood, giallo etc - this time around. If you want to hear click on the right hand box on the link below in the black box that says Threads*
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    Invisible Sounds - welcome back to East Side Radio show

    For the first time in a few months they have opened up the studio at East Side Radio.... all the regulars were asked to do a four hour "welcome back" kinda show. Anyway, we went out on Wednesday.... got home at about 4am on Friday morning, managed a few hours sleep, and then woke up just in time...
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    How many of you lot have got tattoos? I think I am literally the only person I know (at least in my generation or below) who doesn't have any at all... in Portugal it's mad, almost everyone is covered. I've nothing against them, I just feel that they lose a bit of power (in general) when...
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    Train to Invisible City on Threads Radio at 1700 today East Europe special

    All records from Russia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Poland etc... starting electronic, going all 80s synthy and going back.... I dunno if you can see the picture here but Liza's brother took it of their hometown in the late 80s
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    I remember reading that when John Von Neuman reached fifteen his wealthy family were able to employ an internationally recognised maths genius to teach him... when this guy spent an hour with JvN and grasped his level of understanding he broke down in tears of amazement. That story reminds me of...
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    Library Music

    OK, I'm starting this to coincide with my radio show on Tues but I do find library stuff fascinating. Anyone a fan? I suppose you all know what library music is, but, just in case you don't. Library music is stuff made by companies such as DeWolfe, KPM, Selected Sound etc who paid session...
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    Idle Rich on East Side Radio library records show 12 May at 1400

    So they changed the date on this but it goes out Tuesday. I thought that this was quite an interesting show anyway. All library records. I suppose you all know what that means, but, just in case you don't. Library music is stuff made by companies such as DeWolfe, KPM, Selected Sound etc who paid...
  10. IdleRich

    Top Ten Sex Demons

    I came across this article, a bit like Borges' imaginary Beings... a bit.... some highlights The comments are also amazing obviously.
  11. IdleRich

    East Side Radio - Idle Rich Library Records Show - May 11th 1600

    Trailing that slightly early... guess it will allow me the time to whip you all up into a frenzy... But I thought it was going out today and I spent ages yesterday rushing to finish it. So, any of you who are into library music have plenty of time to get prepared, it's a more geeky show this...
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    Drugs Inc

    Anyone watch this? Is it real... it seems too good to be true but it's fascinating stuff. Please don't tell me it's not real cos it's basically my favourite thing on telly.
  13. IdleRich

    Free and good video editor I can download using my laptop and use

    Does anyone know a good one I can get? I used one years ago that was clunky but pretty good so I'm sure there are plenty available now but has anyone got a recommendation? Just something to mess around with really (cut bits out of videos, loop em, run them backwards, join them together with...
  14. IdleRich

    Santa Iria Zone

    I dunno if this is interesting to anyone... but some pictures of local wilderness here. In the town I live there is this weird section in the middle which is blocked off by massive 2.5m foot stones walls (maybe 0.5m thick) on all sides, enclosing a space that is roughly like a circle of 3km...
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    Don't really know his stuff that well but I dig the repetitive nature of the ones I do know - this one especially Oh yeah he's dead I should have said.
  16. IdleRich

    Kim Jong-Un

    Dead again apparently. Well, TMZ are reporting it anyhow.
  17. IdleRich

    Film Dialogue

    Yesterday Three Billboards Outside Ebbing was on telly and I was enjoying it (actually got a bit wearing towards the end) and I was thinking that really the only thing that made it good was the dialogue. Although sometimes it kinda tipped over to being too good or too neat at least and thus...
  18. IdleRich

    Intuitionist Maths might help reconcile quantum physics and relativity

    I don't know much (actually anything) about Intuitionist Maths but apparently, going back to the start of the 20th century when you had people trying to axiomatise mathematics through set theory, the Hilbert Programme etc some Dutch guy came up with this particular idea of a type of maths that...
  19. IdleRich

    Georgia Guidestones

    Someone was telling me about this today. I guess it's old hat to all you conspiracy theorists and so on but I'd never heard about it and it's quite interesting. Anyone got any theories about it? RC Christian certainly sounds as though he's referencing Rosicrucians - I'm not saying that means...
  20. IdleRich

    Synchronicity or shared worlds or something in art

    I don't really know what I mean here, but it was something that was inspired in me cos we just watched Shadows, the 1959 film from Cassavetes. He's a director I know little about and I've meant to properly check out (beyond Killing of a Chinese Bookie and maybe one other) for years but somehow...