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  1. john eden

    Uploading images to Dissensus

    Sorry to be boring (yes it’s about time John apologised etc etc) and sorry if it’s been done... Seems like you can upload jpgs but not jpegs on here? Which is what iPhone screenshots are? That can’t be right can it?
  2. john eden

    LDN: The sounds and stories of African and Caribbean music in Hackney 4 Oct - March

    I have helped in a very minor way with this - it should be good: Roots, Rhythms & Records: The sounds and stories of African and Caribbean music in Hackney Hackney Museum: 4 October 2018 – 16 March 2019 “From making beats in bedrooms to performing on stage, enjoying sounds in shebeens to...
  3. john eden

    Andrew Liles' extended mixes

    47 Minutes of "When The Levee Breaks" 30 Minutes of "This Corrosion" 40 Minutes of "I Feel Love"...
  4. john eden

    Omniwave Refresher by GX Jupitter-Larsen: Cafe OTO Aug 14th

    Hello I have helped to organise the European premiere of GX's latest film at Cafe OTO Cheap! All Dissensus crew welcome.
  5. john eden

    John Eden - Wire 400 Mix

    I was asked to do a mix for the 400th issue of The Wire: It's good - quite noisy and echoey. Also features some mad 80s pop b-sides. Write up includes a photo of me taken by my daughter. Track list: Spatial “Walking Off”...
  6. john eden

    LDN Wednesday - playing some tunes in Walthamstow

    Maybe see you there?
  7. john eden

    Sylvia Pankhurst: suffragette and revolutionary! LDN 29th June

    Come to this, it will be good: Next meeting of the Radical History Network of North East London Wednesday 29th June 7.30 p.m., Wood Green Social Club In October 1912 Sylvia Pankhurst climbed onto a wooden platform outside an old baker's shop on Bow Road, and painted the words 'VOTES FOR...
  8. john eden

    Cutwail benefit comp for homelessness inc Xylitol, Ekoplekz, Nocturnal Emissions, me.

    26 track comp for £5. Freaky electronics and other bits. Great stuff. Released on new sub-label of Libertatia Overseas Trading (Libbe Matz Gang, Degenerate Waves, etc).
  9. john eden

    [zine] Turbulent Times issue 10 Two years in the making. More pages. Same filthy glue and scissors layout.
  10. john eden

    [mix] Drrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaammmmm Baby Drrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaammmmm Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream" stretched to an hour in duration for your listening pleasure.
  11. john eden

    [mix] Dream Baby Dream Baby Dream (versions Part Two) 1. Fuxa - Dream Baby Dream 2. Christian & the Heathens - Dream Baby Dream 3. Mark Refoy - Blue Moon Dream Baby Dream 4. Madrugada - Dream Baby Dream 5. Luna - Dream Baby Dream 6. Black Tambourine - Dream...
  12. john eden

    [mix] Dream Baby Dream 1. Suicide – Dream Baby Dream 2. Angel Corpus Christi – Dream Baby Dream 3. Bruce Springsteen – Dream Baby Dream
  13. john eden

    LDN May 7th: Radical History meeting on Political Policing and Surveillance

    Radical History Network (RAHN) meeting Wednesday May 7th POLITICAL POLICING AND SURVEILLANCE How and why are the police used to try to suppress public dissent and any challenge to the capitalist ‘status quo’? What tactics have protestors and campaigners developed to successfully defend public...
  14. john eden

    [mix] Austerity Reggae (download the mp3 direct from here but don’t go mad and use up all my bandwidth) In which I slam down a bunch of the tunes I took to play out last week on the loose topic of austerity, poverty and the general insanity of the...
  15. john eden

    LDN 10th April: Agit Disco DJ benefit for Housmans Bookshop

    I will be doing a short DJ set at this great event. The other selectors on the night are all contributors to the Agit Disco project, including Neil Transpontine, Stewart Home and Tom Vague. There are 17 DJs in total! Full details on the Housmans website. Housmans is probably the first radical...
  16. john eden

    LDN Deptford 20th Oct: Datacide launch party

    Datacide zine London launch event The 13th issue of Datacide, the international magazine for noise and politics, is out this week. As well as a conference and release party in Berlin this weekend, there will be a launch event on Sunday 20th October 2013 in London, 7 pm to 10 pm. The event will...
  17. john eden

    LDN 14th July: Hacker Farm/LMG and GX Jupitter-Larsen FILMS

    Hi all I am showing two films on Sunday 14th of July A NOISY DELIVERY: A film by GX Jupitter-Larsen (London Premiere) WITCHES: The Psychotronic Voodoo Sound of Hacker Farm & Libbe Matz Gang (World Premiere) 3pm, Sunday 14th July 2013 Limazulu Project Space: Unit 3J, Omega Works, 167...
  18. john eden

    [fanzine] Turbulent Times #9 published

    Roll up! Roll up! Get yer scrappy xerox noise rag! 48 pages A5 (half-size). Mainly by me. Design is even less professional than Tweetah. Content is even more cynical. Trades/Blags/Distro offers are welcome. Firing up the old war horse once again. Last issue came out in 1997, before the mp3...
  19. john eden

    [fanzine] TWEETAH issue zero published

    Filthy xerox reggae bizniz! Ruff and rugged. :cool:
  20. john eden

    [magazine] Datacide #12 published

    CONTENTS Datacide: Introduction Darkam: The Art of Visual Noise Nemeton: Political News Christoph Fringeli: Neo-Nazi Terror and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Germany Cherry Angioma: Communisation Theory and the Question of Fascism Christoph Fringeli: From Adorno to Mao –...