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    A day in the life

    This is an attempt to grasp life by the molecular unit: the day. a day, this day. what happened? what did you do? what actions did you perform? doesn't have to be exciting. doesn't have to have a narrative. doesn't have to follow laws of causality. short and neat descriptions. humanize the...
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    I like driving but I really hate their presence. How every city plan is designed with the central concern of accomodating motor traffic. It's arrogant. Cars are invasive, brutal, noisy. Very few of them are nice looking anymore, they have no trace of human character in the design and a more...
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    Like stepping into someone's mind

    I was watching this teenage fantasy show on Netflix called Locke and Key and there was this one thing in it I thought was very cool. They're in a house with all these magical keys and one of the keys lets you open a door into someone's brain. You walk in and it's a house or a building or a just...
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    Are happy people boring?

    I'm 26 now. People around me are starting to settle down. The standardized smiles and satisfied normality are closing in and I find it all a bit off-putting. The model social expression of the common man living the common life. The disinterested contentment of a self-assured place in the...
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    The Practice Of Everyday Life

    by Michel de Certeau. I think this book would resonate with some of you. Has anyone read it? I can't describe it that well, but it's about how in the act of consumption is a hidden process of production, through which the consumer is able to create his own autonomous space. So the consumer is...
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    A Walking Thread

    Are you a walker? What is walking to you? A primitive mode of transportation obsolesced by technological progress. Or a mode of being, of experiencing, of relating to the world? What are some of your best walks?
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    Are there any podcasts you listen to?

    I don't know any good ones.
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    'On Cinema' is the funniest thing in the last decade

    Maybe the best, too. Anyone following it? It's a highly ironic web-series that satires the proliferation of banal and sycophantic podcasts with pretentious and ego-centric hosts. No comedy in the last decade comes anywhere near its level. The details, the verisimilitude, the character...
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    What is music writing 'cool' today?

    Music writers, at least the bulk of them, want mostly to be cool. What are the tenets of that 'cool' today? What are the beliefs and attitudes they conform to in order to be cool? Are these doctrines converging, waxing self-confident? Is conformity of opinion / personality itself becoming cool...