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    Divination - let me tell your future

    Divination in general is referred to as "telling the future". It's often, most usually done via a symbolic intermediary like Tarot cards. It's normally not so much about the future as about the present but can bring surprising new patterns and information to light. I am learning a new method...
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    The creativity of dissent and protest

    Just finished and enjoyed this article on the the use of chants by the protesters in Lebanon. It contains some links through to Youtube footage of the chants in situ which are pretty joyful to witness. There doesn't seem to be a thread on these protests so far. and I don't really have much of a...
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    Damn, Andy Weatherall is dead

    Shit, always enjoyed his work. Been an inspiring figure since way back.
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    Closed Circuits - Keys, Lucifer and other works

    Closed Circuits/Chris is a friend of mine who relocated to Portugal a few years ago. I'm a big fan of his music which has been described as "like Leonard Cohen being bothered by Coil". His vocals remind me a bit of Scott Walker. It's that weird situation where one of your mates makes music and...
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    Notes towards an anti-Brexit playlist

    What contemporary music is there that seems to question and contest the nationalism that's caught up in things like Brexit? Drill seems to be austerity music to me in a sense, in that's it's paranoid, inward turning, angry, masked up. But what is there that seems to celebrate the non Brexit...
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    Colin Ward - Everyday Anarchist

    I found myself reading Colin Ward's Talking Schools this week, after not reading him for some years. He was an anarchist who was fundamentally concerned with the built environment. He was responsible for editing Freedom magazine, the anarchist fortnightly published out of Freedom Books in...
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    How many of you use the library on a regular basis? I love mine. My gf got me back into it, and I've not bought a book for ages as a consequence. I absolutely love it and they clearly do serve as something of a community hub. I overheard a meeting last week taking place between some kind of...
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    Any faves or not bothered/would rather improvise, cooking with the Dinner of the Day thread open in one hand, pulling shit out the fridge with the other? I like cookbooks 'cos I just like reading about food. I have a tiny collection, largely from looking in charity shops as a a consolation...
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    Election incoming

    Looks inevitable now, set to be ruining Xmas. Any predictions?
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    Best clubnight in London currently?

    Where would you go if you wanted to rave it up a bit?
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    Expansion and contraction - Peter Jones

    Peter Jones is a friend of mine who I met while writing my undergraduate dissertation on Wilhelm Reich, over 20 years ago now. He has been a one man Reichian publishing house for most of that time, publishing two books and about 40 small booklets on various permutations of Reich's work including...
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    The voice as instrument

    Inspired partly by Barty's Migos thread and partly by a mate sending me this compelling Eek A Mouse impression last night: What are people's favourite examples of songs where the voice breaks down, escapes the suffocating cage of meaning and does something else entirely? Vocal textures...
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    Antiuniversity - Wilhelm Reich talk

    I'm lecturing on Wilhelm Reich in London on 9th June if any of you lot want to come down. It's free! The blurb runs: This talk is an introduction to the life and work of radical psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Reich has been christened the founder of the 'sexual revolution' (he coined the term)...
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    Wilhelm Reich Kickstarter

    Those of you who know me well will know I am a big fan of Wilhelm Reich. Reich was a student of Freud's who single-handedly bought the body into psychotherapy, was the first person to apply the insights of psychoanalysis to mass movements (in The Mass Psychology of Fascism), adventured into a...
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    This is happening tomorrow, please come along if you can. Venue: The Common House Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens Bethnal Green, London E2 9QG, 6-12 PM **EMERGENCY FUNDRAISING GIG FOR GAZA** A rebel rousing night of live music and DJs to help raise urgently needed funds for Medical Aid for...
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    Ocora show, Resonance FM

    I'm on the radio! Playing ethnographic recordings from the French Ocora label on my friend Elenore's show, L'alternative, on Resonance this afternoon at 3-30pm. You can listen online at or you can tune in on 104.4 FM. It's repeated next Tuesday at 6pm. I will up a...
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    Hell Yes - some recent rap faves

    This is a quick hip hop "mix" or rather selection of MP3s - that I've just done for a download swap on VG+. January is mixswap month which is why I've been banging 'em out. Forgive the spamwich. It's a by no means definitive stumble through some tunes from last year and a bit before. To those...
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    Happy Accidents mix

    I did another mix, inspired by the pleasures of finding random records. I hope people like it, feedback or questions welcome. Bit of blurb - "The best records are those that you don't know you need until you find them. I like analogue, physical...
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    Fairlights, Mallets & Bamboo Vol. 2

    Volume 1 was one of my favourite mixes EVER. So, here's Vol. 2 - "Further investigation into the futuristic spaces in Japanese ambient and pop music from the 1980s…" Hope you enjoy...
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    The 80s Cower Before Me and Are Abased

    Hey all 'Scuse self-pimpin' but some of you might dig this. It's my VG+ mix, all 80s influenced stuff. Lots of discordant post-punk basslines and cold-hearted synths. Can be found here: Download link here for the...