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    c90 - sheffield. SKAM showcase 1st December

    We've been going a bit crazy recently, with 2 shows in a week in November, and it just doesn't stop! check the details below for the next c90 party: +++++++++++++++++ Cutting a new channel through the Pennines, c90 are proud to present a showcase of peerless talent from the prime of...
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    sheffield 21/4/06 - c90 presents digital mystikz

    calling all sheffield crew! long awaited sheffield digital mystikz debut..... in the deep dark and dirty matilda cavern. this should be a heavy heavy night btw. c90 presents... DIGITIAL MYSTIKZ (DMZ, Rephlex, Big Apple) MC SPACEAPE (Hyperdub, Kode9) For one special night the stable at the...
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    jammer + shadetek - sheffield 2nd Dec

    looks like jammer is pretty busy at the mo.... Jammer and Matt Shadetek are playing at Sharkys, Regent St in Sheffield on 2nd Dec. Theres some blurb: C90 presents a very special live electronica/grime face off. Friday 2nd December 2005, 9pm til 12am Upstairs at Sharkey's Bar, 11-19 Regent...
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    grime geniunely edging closer to US consciousness?

    ok well, in the aftermath of the roll deep/kano shows in NYC last weekedn (the pics on 1xtra determinedly dont show much of the crowd), im listening to the danny weed remix of jermaine dupri and wondering a) is this an official thing? or just a remix they cooked up? b) what with the twista/low...
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    traum/trapez in london this saturday

    Oh dear, I know someone just posted about Sway and Bruza playing this Saturday, and I'm not sure if Dissensus is really lovign the Cologne house sound, but me and a friend have invited Triple R Steve Barnes/Process Burnski Michael Fentum all to play as part of a traum and trapez showcase thing...
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    cameo set 1xtra 13/3 - anyone got it

    has anyone got that cameo set that zemkos talking about on spizzazzz here? ive missed it, cos theres a new one up now. i want to hear loads of those tunes, like the davinche tune and this fly away tune.
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    Bassline/Bassline House/"niche" etc

    having seen this: io thoguht i would start a thread on this. havign moved up north (leeds) recently after a logng break, i was extremely suprised to find out that the sound of the north is....essentially speed garage! i was chatting to this kid from grimsby who was askign about grime, and he...
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    anyone going to see roll deep at this absurd thing?

    roll deep at goldsmiths its tomorrow night. its free, so i thought i would turn up and see if anyone from "roll deep" get within 10 miles of the place. plasticman should show though, so it wont be all bad. dunno about nyke and nikkie s, theyre dodgy arent they?
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    Small Film Festivals and Larissa Sheptiko

    If you didnt know (and there's no reason why you should) Leeds International Film Festival was over this weekend, I only got to one film. This leads me to two distinct questions: a) The film i saw was directed by Larissa Shepitko ("Ty i Ya/You and Me"). There was included a retrospective of her...