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    joyful italo house to happy hardcore thread

    my original intention was to contribute to the "overwhelmingly joyful music" thread. however, my list of joyful dance records from the 89/90/91 era kept getting longer and longer and longer . . . . so i decided to start my own list posing as a thread --------> touch of soul, "we got the love"...
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    any rock critics on this forum interested in receiving promo cds?

    i ask because i am trying my hand at managing rock bands doesn't matter if you are in the states, the uk or elsewhere in the world and though it is always nice to send promos to established critics who write for print publications, active bloggers would also be good . . . . so if you have an...
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    uk rock versus us rock

    something that i have gotten wind of around here is that brits perceive american rock as superior to uk rock. evidently, american bands have better drummers, and they rock more intensely. or at least, this is my understanding of how the story goes. HOWEVER, i have always in the main preferred...
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    Retro Manchester Hacienda Party @ Kion in NYC tonight (Saturday 2/16/08)

    there will be a manchester hacienda party tonight at the Kion bar, located at 509 East 6th Street b/w A and B in the east village. this should be a LATE one, starts at around midnight, but should last until about 8 am or so down in the basement. my friend renochild and some other person are...
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    Kino + Betty Black at Nublu on Sundays

    hey dissensus people -- i think some of you might find it worthwhile to visit nublu on SUNDAY nights. i just happen to be the early dj (9:30 to 12 slot), but that is neither here nor there, as i don't mix or anything, and i've been resorting to a lot of post-punk-ish music (i call it...
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    live music and performance-enhancing drugs

    i know so many musicians who play either stoned out or their minds or very high on cocaine why does this not raise the kinds of ethical issues we encounter with sports?
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    latin-jazz piano-led dance music -- where to begin?

    you know what i mean, the sounds that inspired t-coy's "carino" i want the real dancefloor-centered stuff from the 60s and 70s so where to begin? eddie palmieri? stand-out records that i should have my eyes and ears open for? what are the classics of the genre?
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    the disappearance of the black band

    with reference to this and this and of course this (though, with embarrassment, i've yet to pick up the book) isn't the disappearance of black bands the main reason for the lack of dialogue b/w white indie rock and black music over the past 20 years or so??? sly family stone -- p-funk --...
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    bed bugs

    yes, i've had em for a while now can't take a girl home b/c i have no bed or furniture, which i got rid of b/c of the infestation but even though i sleep on floor, have waved the proverbial white flag, the bugs continue to torment me slum landlord totally non-responsive this building is such...
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    Shelving for 12" Records and LPs

    i can no longer deal with all these crates of records on my floor is there an easy consumerist solution? perhaps wooden modules that can be mail-ordered via the internet? or must i build my own shelves or contract with a friend who can? any and all suggestions appreciated
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    Ozo -- anybody know anything about?

    i recently picked up this record by ozo -- what's their story??? where were they from? where did they live?
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    record sale[s] on discogs

    selling off some of my records, including some breakbeat hardcore that may be hard to find stateside . . . . here's the link =
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    best house music post-1992

    i realize this is not the most sporting of questions, and dissensus may well not be the appropriate forum for the question, but what do people reckon are the top 20 or so house tracks post-1992? let's say broadly within the "deep house," "trad garage" and "nu disco" categories . . . . some of...
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    hulme myspace page

    got sent this link for myspace page devoted to the city of hulme, w/ emphasis on late 80s acid house scene. rather interesting . . . . and the more expansive website =
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    the fabulous m. lamar on youtube

    took down post (no replies anyway)
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    hess is more on youtube

    interesting band, if a bit cutesy nerdy, out of denmark. saw them play last week w/ betty black boom man/walksong yes boss (live) live at nublu
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    u know who on utube

    took down post
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    Dismantling the Royal Navy

    after much fiddling about, editing links and such, here's the posting = I expect most people on Dissensus are anti-imperialists, and so may well greet news of deep cutbacks in u.k. naval fleet and capabilities as good news. As for myself, I'm at a point where I'm neither for or against...
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    kingsley amis

    i've just read "the green man" by kingsley amis. wonderfully entertaining, and the first of his books that i've read much prefer him to martin, whose books i've read several of, until i got hopelessly bogged down in "london fields" and swore never to bother with him again any other titles by...
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    taffy -- "i love my radio"

    i'm hooked on this song/video and felt urge to confess any people with same or similar complex?